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Bogut leaves Suns game with serious elbow injury

Has Andrew Bogut's breakout season come to an agonizing end?  Bogut suffered a gruesome fall on his right arm after a breakaway dunk and foul on Amare Stoudemire in the second quarter, losing his grip on the rim as his body went horizontal to the floor.  His right arm was caught under his body as he went crashing to the floor, and Bogut immediately yelled as he writhed on the court in pain.  Stoudemire was assessed a flagrant foul for nudging Bogut as he went up, but Brandon Jennings took the free throw as it was immediately obvious Bogut would not be able to continue.

Bogut was taken by ambulance to the hospital, though Gery Woelfel offered at least a glimmer of hope with this follow-up tweet:

Andrew Bogut has slightly dislocated elbow. X_rays show no broken bones. Will have additional tests.

You can watch a replay of the injury above, though honestly I can't bear to watch after seeing it happen live.  While we're obviously hoping for the best, it's difficult to see Bogut coming back anytime soon--which would also mean the Bucks' hopes of making noise in the first round of the playoffs are pretty much toast as well.