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Worst case scenario confirmed: Bogut done for season

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Just a few hours after Andrew Bogut's nasty fall comes word from Charles Gardner that Bogut's injuries are more extensive than the dislocated elbow initially reported by Gery Woelfel.

A source said early Sunday that Bogut suffered a dislocated right elbow, sprained wrist and broken right hand and would likely undergo surgery.

Damn.  I'll be honest, I was hoping I could go to bed on Saturday night with at least some hope of Bogut maybe coming back in a couple weeks.  But like everyone else who saw Bogut's fall against the Suns, my initial fears were eventually confirmed.  We can now only hope that there's no serious structural damage that might impact Bogut's health in the longer term.

It's of course a crushing blow for the Bucks, who had the look of a dangerous first round opponent up until Saturday night.  While the Bucks still have a five game lead over the 9th place Bulls and trail Miami by just a half game for the fifth seed, it's difficult to imagine them having a chance of upsetting a top-four seed without their most influential player. For now the focus becomes scraping out a few more wins in an effort to avoid the 7th/8th seeds.

Needless to say, we wish Drew the best of luck and a speedy recovery.