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Fear the Deer: Buy a shirt, help a great cause

Thanks to some help from SB Nation and the good people at Blue Heron Industries, we now have an official BrewHoop shirt store.  As you'd expect there's a "Fear the Deer" shirt, though my personal favorite is probably the Ersanator shirt. We'll be adding more as we go (ideas welcome!), but we at least wanted to get a few shirts out there in case people wanted to gear up for the playoffs.  Unfortunately I don't think we can ship internationally, but we'll work on that.    


Of course, what we're really excited about is what we're doing with the money.  We'll be donating our entire share of the profits to the MACC Fund, so if you're on the fence about forking over $17 for a shirt, hopefully that will put you over the edge.  Or better yet, go straight to the MACC Fund website and see how you can help--whether through a donation, volunteering, or participating in many of the great fundraising events coming up.  We will be donating $100 up front to get things started, so hopefully the shirt sales add a bunch more.  Check out more on the Bucks' terrific work with the MACC Fund after the jump.

As many of you probably know, the MACC Fund was started in 1976 by Bucks great Jon McGlocklin and longtime Bucks radio announcer Eddie Doucette to support research into the effective treatment and cure of childhood cancer and blood disorders. The Bucks have worked closely with the MACC Fund since its inception, so this is kind of a no-brainer for us.  Jim Paschke put together a video of the Bucks' recent visit to Children's Hospital, which you can view below.