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46 Numbers

As it goes, one for each regular season win. This was more work than last year. Hopefully more work next year.

45.6 % Brandon Jennings' eFG% at 21+ in the shot clock. That is better than he shot 0-10 (43.3 %), 11-15 (40.00 %), and 16-20 (44.8 %) seconds into the shot clock.

On the other hand, consider John Salmons, whose eFG% 0-10 seconds into the shot clock was 65.5 % and at 21+ was 41.5 %.

295 The Bucks committed 295 more shooting fouls than their opponents. However, opponents committed more personal fouls (626-595), loose ball fouls (120-113), and other fouls (228-133).

0 Technicals this season for Ersan Ilyasova, Carlos Delfino, Charlie Bell, and Luke Ridnour.

Also zero: Unofficially the number of games during which John Salmons kept his jersey tucked in.

2.37 % The Bucks ranked 29th in the NBA with a 2.37 And 1 % (And 1s / field goals attempted).

39 Charlie Bell started 39 games, fifth most on the team.

But of course he was inactive for Game 7 after oversleeping. Twice. Strange season for Charles.

6 Offensive fouls committed by Dan Gadzuric, the same number as Brandon Jennings committed, but in 2357 fewer minutes.

46.8 % Carlos Delfino shot 46.8 % on threes in 17 Saturday games. That was easily his favorite day of the week shooting from deep. But he shot an oddly horrible 61.7 % on free throws on those same 17 Saturdays, by far his worst mark at the line on any day of the week.

66 Carlos Delfino started 66 regular season games after starting six NBA games before this year.

2.7 Milwaukee drew 2.7 charges per game, second in the NBA (Houston 3.1).

58.3 % John Salmons shot 58.3 % on threes in the clutch, defined as fourth quarter or overtime, less than five minutes left, neither team ahead by more than five points.

56.3 % Dead last in the NBA, Milwaukee made 56.3 % of shots at the rim. On the plus side, they only allowed opponents to shoot 58.1 % at the rim, fourth best at the rim defense overall.

3.1 Ersan Ilyasova averaged 3.1 fouls per game, but he only fouled out of three games all year.

17.7 Luke Ridnour's PER, the highest of his career, and second best on the team (Bogut 20.7).

14.08 The Bucks combined to average a 14.08 PER, placing them right below the Pistons and Kings, and just in front of the Clippers and Wizards. Overall, 25th in the NBA. Sum of parts greater than whole, much?

57.1 % Primoz Brecez (.571) and Dan Gadzuric (.529) led the team in FG% in the playoffs.

.500 The Bucks stood at .500 at four different points in the season -- they were 1-1, 2-2, 9-9, and 28-28.

1 Losing months. The Bucks went 3-11 in December, but went at least .500 in October, November, January, February, March, and April.

90.7 % Luke Ridnour's free throw percentage, fifth best in the NBA.

1.14 Points per shot as a team, last in the NBA, just behind the Timberwolves (1.16) and Nets (1.16).

+223 Andrew Bogut's regular season straight differential, tops on the team. LeBron James led the NBA at +650.

4.0 John Salmons averaged 4.0 assists in the playoffs to lead the Bucks.

3 Andrew Bogut blocked 175 shots. That was three more than Kurt Thomas (46), Luc Mbah a Moute (39), Ersan Ilyasova(23), Carlos Delfino (21), Brandon Jennings (18), Dan Gadzuric (13), and Charlie Bell (12) combined, the next seven Bucks in line.

28.1 % Jodie Meeks shot 28.1 % on threes as a Buck. And then he shot 38.0 % on threes for the Sixers.

82 Two Bucks played all 82 games: Brandon Jennings started all 82 and Luke Ridnour came off the bench all 82.

23rd The Bucks finished 23rd in attendance, bringing in 619,453 to the BC this regular season.

2.9 % Luke Ridnour was blocked on 2.9 % of his shot attempts, the same as Steve Nash. Luc Mbah a Moute (10.8 %) was blocked at the highest rate among Bucks.

.561 The team's winning percentage, second best since 1991.

54.0 % Andrew Bogut's FG% on the road, compared to 50.2 % at home.

-10.82 Milwaukee finished last in the NBA with a -10.82 free throw rate differential (free throws attempted / field goals attempted - opponent free throws attempted / field goals attempted). But the Bucks weren't merely last. They were in a class of all their own. The Warriors were the next worst, at -4.59.

18 The Bucks won 18 road games after combining to win 19 road games the past two years.

36.8 % Milwaukee shot 36.8 % from 10-15 feet, ranking 27th in the NBA. The Lakers (44.0 %) were first but the Cavaliers (36.1 %) were 29th.

13th Luke Ridnour's NBA rank in assists per 48 minutes, with 8.8. Brandon Jennings was 18th with 8.4.

2 Dunks by Brandon Jennings. Michael Redd also dunked twice this season.

7.3 Kurt Thomas averaged 7.3 fouls per 48 minutes, sixth highest foul rate in the NBA.

43.6 % Opponents shot an NBA-best 43.6 % from 10-15 feet against the Bucks.

.176 Royal Ivey's +/- per minute, the best on the team, slightly in front of Roko Ukic (.175).

$736.420 Luc Mbah a Moute's 2009-10 salary.

207 The Bucks made 207 more three pointers (645) than their opponents (438).

51.8 % Milwaukee's True Shooting Percentage, 27th in the NBA.

2.6 Michael Redd's assist/turnover ratio, the best of his career.

.123 The team's turnover percentage, 4th best in the NBA.

17 Games in which Andrew Bogut blocked four or more shots.

40.8 % Jerry Stackhouse shot 40.8 % from the field. For his career, he stands at 40.9 %.

60 The Bucks accumulated 60 technicals in the regular season -- the exact same number as their opponents.

2.6 Andrew Bogut made 2.6 shots per game within 10 feet, excluding shots at the rim. That was the most in the NBA. Tim Duncan was second with 1.9. Bogut easily led in attempts in this range as well, with 6.0 per game (Duncan, 3.7).

87.9 % Kurt Thomas was assisted on 87.9 % of his field goals, the highest percentage among anyone in the NBA to play 60+ games.

Suprathankyous: Hoop Data82games, Basketball Reference