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Notes: George and Brackins working out, Jennings eating chicken, season tickets update

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Paul George will be trying to impress the Bucks on May 17

Woelfel: Bucks' draft auditions set
Gery Woelfel writes that the Bucks have their first draft workouts of 2010 set up for next Monday, with Iowa State PF Craig Brackins and Fresno State wing Paul George the two headliners. Woelfel mentions both guys as potential targets at #15, but it should be noted that DraftExpress has Brackins at #40 in their latest mock, and he's outside Chad Ford's top 35 as well (his mock doesn't go beyond that). Meanwhile, the athletic George is ranked 22nd by DX and 28th by Ford.  I won't pretend to have an opinion about George's game, but DX's Scott Nadler does:

We were high on him a year ago and he’s certainly made improvements to his game – living up to the preseason hype that surrounded him in the beginning of the year. His versatility, athleticism and scoring ability are all part of the package of this highly talented small forward, and in a draft class limited with skilled wing players; George could be one of the best options at that position come June.

Clemson combo forward Trevor Booker and former Louisville bruiser Derrick Caracter are also expected to be in attendance.

JS: Playoffs boost Bucks season-ticket sales
We got an email a couple weeks ago asking how the Bucks' playoff run would impact team profitability, and unfortunately I haven't really found much time to investigate the matter. But Don Walker brings some good news: season ticket sales are progressing well.  At least that's what the Bucks are saying.

Bucks Vice President Ron Walter and John Steinmiller, the team's vice president for business operations, said 81% of the team's season-ticket subscriber base from this season had already renewed for next season.

"That's a very strong pace," Steinmiller said. "We feel confident that we will be at 90% or more when opening day comes around in November."

Walter said the 81% renewal rate is higher than normal for this time of the year.

Both Walter and Steinmiller said the team has attracted new business for next year as well. The franchise has sold more than 550 new full-season equivalent ticket packages. "For this time of year, that's very strong," Steinmiller said.

TMZ: Jennings and DeRozan at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles
Never thought I'd be linking to TMZ video footage, but fortunately it's nothing too controversial. Instead it's Jennings and his bud DeMar DeRozan bantering with a TMZ camera guy as they leave the legendary Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. Aside from his explanation for why NBA players like Roscoe's, Brandon also denies knowing who Lindsay Lohan is and once again professes his affection for Ciara.

Bucksketball: Haiku Reviews
Jeremy haiku reviews the guards as only he can.

JS: Delfino optimistic for 2010
Carlos Delfino was among the pleasant surprises of 09/10 for the Bucks, but what I liked most about this article is his candid commentary about his struggles against the Hawks.

"I realized I struggled with the matchups," Delfino said. "I think I missed Bogues a lot; I may be the one missing him the most because he was working a lot for us, getting us the shots from the corner and the weak side, by his presence in the paint.

"With all those switches, we didn't have as much space to shoot or as much time to shoot. Sometimes I was having a little space, sometimes not. Depending on how they played us, I was having different kind of games."

There's mention that the Bucks expect to bring Delfino back next year, which is a no-brainer given his $3.5 million salary is affordable AND only $500k is guaranteed.  That makes his deal an extremely useful trade chip if nothing else.

The Game vs. Jennings
Dewey Hammond's interview with rapper The Game prominently features some stories about fellow Comptonite Brandon Jennings, whom the game claims to have beaten in a pick up game when Jennings was a high school sophomore.

I don’t know if he thought I was going to have no game, or he thought I had a little bit of game. But the first game, I lit him up. I must have scored like seven buckets straight on him. I was out there dunking, and my jumper was falling. I know it sounds crazy, me killing Brandon Jennings, but I did, the first game. It’s a true story. Ask him, he’ll tell you.

But after that, he must’ve got mad, like somebody competitive do, especially when you’re at a young age. He must’ve torched us like the next fucking five games. The score was like 11-2 every game after. He was hitting threes, and falling out the sky dunking it. That’s when I knew he was going to be crazy, man. Once he left Dominguez and went off to Oak Hill, I just stayed in contact with him by phone and played sort of like a big brother or mentor to him, and helped guide him. He got where he needed to, and it’s because of nobody but himself. The dude’s got amazing talent, and he’s my friend, my little brother if you will.