Bucks Draft Possibilities - Part 1/3 - The 1st Round Big Guys

My take on potential Bucks draft picks assuming they keep the 15th pick and nothing major happens via trade or free agency between now and then... Also, I'll briefly look at what they could do with their 2nd rounders in a follow up segment... This article will highlight the potential frontcourt players the Bucks could select...

Players Definitely Gone by 15: John Wall, Evan Turner, DeMarcus Cousins, Derrick Favors, Al-Farouq Aminu, Cole Aldrich, Ed Davis, Wesley Johnson, Greg Monroe

The Bigs

Ekpe Udoh PF/C 6'10'' 240 - Good rebounder, passer, and shot-blocker for a big. Upside is a little lower than some other prospects as Udoh will be 23 at draft time. Low shooting percentage is concerning for a big and doesn't have great athleticism. Passing skill for a big is a big plus as it shows his ability to fit within the context of an offense, something Skiles demands. Would be a solid pick as he could come in and be a rotation player right away at a spot that the Bucks need. Pick Rating: 8.5/10 Antlers, At 15, getting a guy at a spot of need that can play right away at both front court spots would be a slam dunk despite a lower upside.

Patrick Pattersen PF 6'8'' 223 - Smart, coachable, strong player who showed a lot of character this season after being forced to take back seat to Wall and Cousins. Efficient scorer who projects to be a good NBA role player. Getting some flack for his rebounding dropoff this year but that can be attributed to moving to the 4 and having DeMarcus Cousins grabbing more than his fair share of the boards. Intangibles are good. Also, would be a solid pick and could contribute right away. Pick Rating: 7.5/10 Antlers, Pattersens physical, smart play would be a good addition to the Bucks frontcourt.

Donatas Motiejunas PF/C 7'0'' 215 - A very skilled European big man. Very polished offensive game and very high upside since he will only be 19 at the time of the draft. Great ball handler at this size and gets to the free throw line at a very high rate. Needs to add muscle to his frame. Poor defender and rebounder and looks awkward at times as he hasn't become completely coordinated in his own frame. High risk/high reward pick who wouldn't contribute right away and may even stay in Europe a few more years depending on his situation. Pick Rating: 7.5/10 Antlers, as much as I hate bigs who can't rebound or play defense this kid would be an incredibly high upside pick and could become Dirk on the offensive end. He is only 19 and hasn't even become coordinated in his own body so his defense and rebounding should improve, especially with some coaching. The fact he gets to the line at such a high clip is very encouraging for a 7 footer. The classic high risk/high reward pick which would hurt the Bucks chances to win now but possibly set them up to be a real contender in a few years.

Daniel Orton C 6'10'' 260 - Quite a bit of an unknown due to only playing 13 mpg in his only college season. Good size, athleticism, coordination for a big. Already has an NBA body and should be a banger. Pick Rating: 4/10 Antlers, while he would definitely fill a need in the frontcourt he will undoubtedly go through A LOT of growing pains for whatever team drafts him. If he had a particularly high upside this would be bearable but I don't want to develop a player who might become Kendrick Perkins(even though he is servicable). The ROI for this pick doesn't make sense given the other talent that will be available.

Hassan Whiteside C 7'0'' 235 - Tall, lanky, aggressive, immature, and unpolished. Another high risk/fairly high reward pick. To me, he can be a Marcus Camby type of player if he develops fully. Dominated the defensive end and the boards in the MAC. Offensively doesn't have any basketball skills as he can't shoot, pass, and doesn't play team offense. Pick Rating: 5/10 Antlers, I think Whiteside will be a bust and out of the league in 3 years but his NBA defensive and rebounding potential is too great to ignore at this spot in the draft especially if he can get his head on straight and get in the weight room. The Bucks and Skiles may be the perfect organization to do this but I won't be holding my breathe.

Larry Sanders PF 6'11'' 235 - Excellent athlete, great wingspan and rebounds very well. Improved his game in each of his three years at VCU. Intensity and effort are suspect at times but should turn into a very good defender with proper coaching. Raw but should be able to contribute as an energy guy off the bench right away and develop into a starting 4. Pick Rating: 7/10 Antlers, I would personally like this pick because of Sanders athleticism and ability to rebound. Although his effort is suspect his FT% has improved 20% since his freshman season which doesn't happen if you don't put in the time. Reminds me of a better rebounding Chris Wilcox.

Kevin Seraphin PF/C 6'9'' 258 - Physical beast, extremely raw and inexperienced. A wildcard because of limited playing experience. Looks the part of an NFL tight end. Good rebounder. Solid defender with the potential to become great. Very interesting player with great upside because of his athelticism, coordination, and limited playing experience. Pick Rating: 7/10 Antlers, I don't know how much Seraphin could help this or next year but he could pay dividends down the road. His upside is higher than most players at this spot but it is very likely he could be another Marcus Haislip. Another Risk/Reward guy. I would prefer him to Whiteside or Orton if we are going to pick a developmental player.

Solomon Alabi C 7'1'' 251 - Tall, excellent defender, solid offensive game. Good character guy. Wouldn't mind selecting him later in the draft. Already 22 so his upside is somewhat limited. Pick Rating: 4.5/10, would be an ok later in the draft but I think Alabi will be a fourth big man in the NBA for many years. Solid offensive game, great size, ok strength, and not much lateral quickness. Appears to be your run of the mill back up big man.

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