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Combine Measurements: Big men looking very big

Comprehensive testing data from the Chicago pre-draft camp isn't available yet, but Jonathan Givony at DraftExpress has discussion of most of the key guys' measurements and also has their winners and losers and a full list of measurements. Expect vertical, bench press, and speed testing numbers to leak out later this week. Jim Paschke also has some interviews from Chicago over at (one you can see above) which are definitely worth a look. After the jump we've got discussion of measurements and video of some of the Bucks' players of interest, but on a high level most of the guys we've been talking about measured either as well or better than expected.

Patrick Patterson impresses. Patterson was listed at 6'8" in college but checked in over 6'9" with shoes and with a wingspan just over 7'1", easing fears that he was a bit undersized for the PF spot. Givony also writes that Patterson's interviews have been extremely impressive (see below), which shouldn't be underestimated for a chemistry-conscious team like the Bucks.

Gordon Hayward has alligator arms. I'm more curious to see how his speed and vertical testing turns out, but Hayward is a bit unique in that his wingspan was a quarter inch shorter (6'7.75") than his in-shoes measurement (6'8"). Not a good thing, but it's not like anyone was worried he was too small to play on the wing.

Paul George is long. For a swingman, George's 6'7.75" measurement without shoes makes him pretty damn big, and no one will question his length either (6'11.75"). Givony notes that both George and Luke Babbitt measured almost the same in Chicago and are getting plenty of buzz at the moment. George seems to be a favorite in our comments section as well, and he comes across as a pretty good interview as well.

Larry Sanders and Hassan Whiteside are even longer. The term "freak" gets thrown around a lot this time of year, but Sanders and Whiteside deserves it as much as anyone.  Though Sanders might be a bit light at 222 pounds, he's got center size at over 6'9" without shoes, a nearly 7'6" wingspan, and a 9'4" standing reach. To put that in perspective, Andrew Bogut measured 6'11" without shoes with a 7'3" wingspan and 9'2.5" standing reach in 2005. Sanders was one of the few guys with mid-first round talent taking part in drills in Chicago, some of which you can watch below (along with some ESPN scouting report footage).  You can also check out an interview with him here.

The baby-faced Whiteside is even bigger, at 6'10.5" without shoes, a ridiculous 7'7" wingspan and a 9'5" standing reach. Measuring well was a must for Whiteside considering the bigger questions about his maturity and bball IQ, which I imagine puts him at a disadvantage relative to more experienced guys like Patterson. Ekpe Udoh wasn't quite as big (6'8.75" without shoes, nearly 7'4" wingspan) but he's plenty big enough to be an NBA 4/5.

Xavier Henry is big enough. Checking in at just under 6'6" without shoes and over 6'11" of wingspan, Henry looks big enough to play either the 2 or 3, but that doesn't answer questions about his athleticism and upside. Check out Givony's interview with Henry below: