The Milwaukee Bucks get inside an Argentinean governor’s office

Here’s a picture of Hermes Binner, governor of Santa Fe, Argentina’s third state, holding a Milwaukee’s jersey. He received it a couple of days ago as a gift from Carlos Delfino,a natural born citizen, after designating him "Sport Ambassador of Santa Fe". So you know now who to talk to, at least until June 30th, if you want to go deep south and play some ball. Jokes aside, I found somewhat meaningful that Delfino chose to give the Buck’s jersey instead of the national team one, the usual gift in occasions like these.

By the way, not knowing if Delfino will be playing next season for the Bucks, (in the interview he says he would like to stay and he thinks that Hammond wants to renew him, but that he' ll wait until last minute in the chance making a better deal), I would like to say again what a great time I had last season reading and posting here, and in general following the Bucks.

I even came close to watch a live playoff game. By chance I was with my wife for the first time in USA on the last days of April and the first ones of May, visiting New York and Chicago. If the Bucks should have made it through Atlanta I would have been able to assist at some of the games at the Bradley Center, if I was able to find some tickets. So watching 6th game in New York`s Espn bar in the fine company of Bucks fan from Milwaukee made more or less the deal for me. Much better than the usual thing in Buenos Aires in front of the tv or, worst, a blurry web image. Only bad thing was the game's final score, off course.

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