Free Agent Scenario

I'm sure there will be more coverage about free agency when the season actually ends, but can we begin the speculation now? The internets are abuzz that Bosh has all but left the Raptors. Boozer has been out of Utah about 7 times. Amare almost got traded to about 5 teams at this year's deadline. What I'm getting at is this; there are teams that are going to lose their free agents this year whether they like it or not. What are the ramifications of doing sign and trade deals? I know there are things like bird rights and other rules to get around, but for teams that know their star player is on the way out, wouldn't they look to do a sign and trade to get something out of it? For instance:

Raptors get:
Michael Redd's huge expiring contract
Bucks first rounder

Bucks get:
Bosh under some ridiculous max contract

This, in theory makes sense because if Toronto can't sign Bosh, they'd want to get something out of the deal, and could take a risk on Redd in exchange for a first round pick. You could change the scenario to Boozer, Nowitski, or heck, D-Wade.

I feel like I have to be missing something, because it all seems so easy. Granted, a lot of teams wouldn't want that $18 million contract, but to take a risk on what was a 20PPG scorer and a 1st rounder when your alternative is to lose your best player with nothing in makes sense.

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