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Seraphin, Henry and Whiteside visiting Milwaukee on Monday

Gery Woelfel reports that 20-year-old French big man Kevin Seraphin will be in interviewing in Milwaukee on Monday, the same day that Marshall big man Hassan Whiteside and Kansas swingman Xavier Henry are expected to work out at the Cousins Center. Interestingly, Woelfel writes that Serpahin will be meeting with only four other teams: Oklahoma City, Toronto, Atlanta and Washington.

Seraphin hasn't been working out because of a minor knee injury, but he measured 6'9", 264 pounds with a 7'3" wingspan at the recent Eurocamp. Though athletically gifted, Seraphin is considered something of a project and I'd guess he's a long shot to be taken by the Bucks at #15 for that reason. Still, the Bucks must have convinced him they're interested given he was willing to put Milwaukee on his short list of teams.

In keeping with the big man theme, the Bucks also tried to bring Kentucky freshman Daniel Orton in for a workout on Friday, but he canceled amid speculation that Oklahoma City may have made him a first round promise. Orton has thus far denied that report, but he's canceled his six remaining workouts and the Thunder are well positioned to roll the dice given they have two first round picks (21st and 26th). That same logic makes them an obvious suitor for Seraphin, though it's worth noting that OKC already has the guy Seraphin is most often compared to--promising youngster Serge Ibaka.

I also wonder if Orton's cancellation was somehow related to the rumors of Larry Sanders having a promise with the Bucks. Just connecting the dots, on Thursday Billy McKinney said that they received calls from agents asking about the promise and the next day Orton's workout was canceled, despite the Bucks' insistence no promise exists. Could be a coincidence, too. Either way, it would seem a bit odd for Orton to use a promise at #21 as grounds for refusing workouts with teams picking higher in the draft (money talks, right?), but keep in mind he's an Oklahoma native and it's also possible he's trying to avoid teams like the Bucks that already have an established center on the roster. Whatever the reason, a project center with potential knee problems isn't at the top of my priority list for #15 so I won't be complaining if/when the Bucks pass on him. The Raptors (#13) have also been linked with Orton a fair bit, so it's also very possible he's off the board before the Bucks or Thunder pick--which I'd consider a good thing since it means another potentially more attractive player would be available.