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Bucks grade well in draft, per experts

You seem to like (and are much more likely to love than hate) the results of the draft. Approximately 3/4 of the almost 700 BrewHoopian voters so far have picked one the two most positive ratings in our draft reaction poll posted Thursday.

And Bucks fans aren't the only ones satisfied with the Milwaukee's draft performance. Something that comes with Executive of the Year territory? Perhaps benefit of the doubt, for better or worse. Just a couple June's removed from lottery-picking Joe Alexander, GM John Hammond's national reputation is now top of the management line. One June after selecting Brandon Jennings (who this year was busy on draft night liveblogging with Lang at SLAM) the Bucks earned generally favorable -- though not overwhelmingly favorable -- draft night reviews.

A couple years ago I really hoped the Bucks would get Anthony Randolph, and last year I was thrilled that they landed Brandon Jennings. I never got enamored with a potential pick this year, and I won't personally letter-grade the night, but I voted the "solid" option in the poll.

And now for a quick tour of the team's draft night grades from national media:

Ball Don't Lie: B

Sanders feels like a stretch as a middling first-rounder, but the Bucks need someone who can jump in the worst way, and they'll (likely) be without Kurt Thomas(notes) next season and (definitely) without Dan Gadzuric(notes). Tiny Gallon(notes) also feels like the sort of guy who wins a starting spot in the first month of his NBA career and then isn't heard from again.

FanHouse: A-

The Bucks took sleeper big man Larry Sanders out of VCU with No. 15, and picked up a few decent prospects in the second (Darington Hobson, Tiny Gallon and Jerome Jordan). Only one or two of the second-rounders should make the squad, but expect Sanders to plug in behind Andrew Bogut nicely.

Pro Basketball News: A-

Larry Hammond was another busy bee and seemed to have a one-track mind, adding the biggest guys possible in addition to sneaking in to snare Darington Hobson, a steal at No. 39. Larry Sanders is the type of rugged defender and rebound that will fare well under Scott Skiles, while Tiny Gallon and Jerome Jordan are interesting center prospects who will be given an opportunity to prove they belong. Adding Corey Maggette for Charlie Bell and Dan Gadzuric gave the Bucks leverage against John Salmons walking, as does agreeing to take on Chris Douglas-Roberts. The Fear the Deer revolution saw more positive strides made Thursday.

Ridiculous Upside: "Mr. Brightside"

I don't have anything clever to say. Sanders can be good. Hobson is a high-IQ, long wing from a mid-major. I could see him somewhere in between Chris Douglas-Roberts and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and no, I didn't just pick those names because they're both long and cool. Tiny Gallon has slimmed down a bit (we chilled at the draft), but should not have come out of school this early. With Tommy Mason-Griffin undrafted and Willie Warren slipping way down, this was not a good draft for Sooners underclassmen. I'm excited to see what Sanders and Andrew Bogut can do together. Perfect addition to Brandon Jennings' team.

SB Nation: B+

This is more about quantity more than anything else. All four of these guys could have gone in the first round and I wouldn't have blinked; for the Bucks to land this quartet, with three of them coming in the non-guaranteed second round is a very solid effort. Fear the Deer indeed.

Sports Illustrated: B

Milwaukee's makeover continues. After acquiring a pair of wing scorers in Corey Maggette and Chris Douglas-Roberts in trades prior to draft day, the Bucks shored up the frontcourt with Larry Sanders, a skinny power forward with great defensive skills. He'll need to bulk up, but he could be a Kurt Thomas-type defensive stopper. Darington Hobson, Jerome Jordan and Keith "Tiny" Gallon are quality picks in the second round and if one can make the team, the Bucks will be happy. C

Perhaps the most interesting set of picks in the draft, Milwaukee landed several potentially valuable players. Sanders, Jordan and Gallon all could be busts, but they also could provide the boost in size Milwaukee needs. The Bucks were exposed inside when Andrew Bogut went out late last season, and Sanders can provide a future compliment to Bogut while also occasionally sliding over to center. For every pound Sanders needs to add, Gallon needs to lose two. But he's got a lot of skill and plays like an oversized Antoine Walker, in both a good and bad way. Hobson and Jordan are mediocre picks, and both could never play a minute in the league or find their way into the Bucks' rotation. Milwaukee made two trades, for Corey Maggette and Chris Douglas-Roberts, that we like but won't include in the grade because they didn't involve picks.