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Bucks/Heat: Winless Bucks soldier on

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Time: 9:30 Central

TV: NBA Broadband

Somewhat surprisingly, the Heat have won two of three games in Vegas despite fielding not a single player from their 09/10 roster. Then again, only Darnell Jackson fits that description for the Bucks, and he didn't even play in the Bucks' last game. The Heat have been led by Siena rookie Kenny Hasbrouck (15.3 ppg on .515/.444/1.000 shooting) and former USC PF Davon Jefferson (15/5 on 57% shooting). Former Duke and occasional Sixer Shavlik Randolph is also up front, putting up 13/7 but on just 32% from the field, while fellow alum Jon Scheyer is also getting some modest burn (18 mpg).

Up front, we should at some point see a matchup of enormous big men in Dexter Pittman and Tiny Gallon. Both guys tip the scales at around 300 pounds, though Pittman is an inch taller taller and three years older as well.  Meanwhile, the Bucks' struggles can be traced mostly to their weak guard play, which Jim Boylan isn't trying to hide.

"We don’t have what I would call a great offensive team," said Boylan. "Our back court play is a little spotty. In summer league, you need to have really good guards if you want to compete out here and to be quite honest, our guard play has not been the greatest. Our most consistent backcourt player so far has been Dominic James. He’s done the most consistent, steady job for us out here. But we need more than that."

Unfortunately my flight to Vegas has been delayed by a couple hours, so I'm not going to make it in time to catch the game in person--it'll be another late night of watching in front of my computer.