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SBN Wisconsin Hall of Fame: Bucks Nominees

A couple months ago Kyle from Brew Crew Ball came up with a cool idea: a Wisconsin sports hall of fame, as voted by the readers of SBN's Wisconsin-repping blogs. Here's how it works: This week we'll nominate ten people to represent Bucks basketball. Those ten will then be placed on the final ballot alongside ten figures selected by each of these communities:

We'll unveil our final nominees as the month goes along, with the expected final vote for first round of inductions to happen in  August.

First, though, we need you to help select our nominees. After the jump, you'll find a ballot including 20 players from the history of the Milwaukee Bucks. In keeping with what the other sites are doing, current Bucks are not eligible (sorry, Darnell Jackson Tiny Gallon!). I'd also ask that your votes be based on what the players accomplished as Bucks, and to that end I limited the ballot to players who had played at least three seasons for the Bucks (sorry, Moses Malone). Please select up to ten candidates to appear on the final ballot. Voting will remain open until Friday, with the top ten candidates announced in the weeks to come. 

Please follow the jump to cast your vote.