FIBA weekend with Carlos & Ersan (and w/Carlos VS Ersan on Monday)

This weekend, the last one before FIBA World Cup starts, will have again 2 of the 3 international Milwaukee Bucks on court (hope the Aussie one gets better soon). And more: on Monday evening they will be playing against each other.

This will be taking place at Ankara Sports Hall as part of the Efes Pilsen Tournament. This is the schedule.

Saturday, August 21
9.30 Argentina-Canada (Milwaukee time)

12.15 Turkey- Lebanon (Milwaukee Time)

Sunday August 22
9.30 Argentina-Lebanon (Milwaukee time)

12.15 Turkey-Canada (Milwaukee time)

Monday August 23
18.30 Turkey-Argentina (Milwaukee time)

Argentina’s matches should be aired here, but until now it has not been confirmed.

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