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Bogut scrimmages, Gallon signs, Hobson's injury concerns

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JS: Bogut scrimmages!
We're not out of the woods quite yet, but it sure sounds like Andew Bogut's return to game action made some major progress yesterday.  As Jim Paschke (above) and Charles Gardner report, on Friday Bogut picked up the rock and scrimmaged with teammates at the Cousins Center, some seriously good news given the last few weeks of uncertainty. 

"It's more my elbow, getting my full extension. I still don't have my full range of motion like I have in my left hand, by about 5 degrees. Which isn't bad, it's very, very normal. I'm trying to get that last bit back so I can be 100% comfortable.

"I'm shooting the basketball (right-handed), but the ball is kind of going left, right, up, down. I'm shooting airballs. It will take some time but I'm confident once it's good to go and I spend two or three extra weeks here getting some shots up, it will be fine."

The good news is that Bogut still has six more weeks to get his roboarm in game shape, so hopefully he avoids any further setbacks--but no sense in rushing it. And while it doesn't sound like Bogut's penchant for bad shooting is going anywhere, the main thing is that he's on the court to anchor the defense.  

Woelfel: Injury could sideline Hobson
There's been rumors of Darington Hobson's injury being potentially more serious than first thought for some time, and now Gery Woelfel is offering up some confirmation.

The best-case scenario would likely be more rest, which would probably mean he would be sidelined through training camp, which begins Sept. 27.

The worst-case scenario is surgery, which probably means he would miss, at the very least, much of the regular season.

Woelfel also reveals that Hobson has just a one-year guaranteed contract, which helps explain why it took so long to negotiate. Second rounders typically get two year deals, though guys like Carl Landry and Wes Matthews have shown the benefits of getting one year deals and then cashing in with a bigger deal a year later. That won't be an option for Hobson if he's not playing, but the Bucks would have the poll position to re-sign him as a restricted free agent next summer. It's also worth nothing that the worries about Hobson's health predate his contract signing, so the Bucks also knew what they were getting into when they signed him. It's always possible the Bucks could cut him and eat his salary to open up a roster spot (see below), but there would have been no reason to offer guaranteed money if that was their plan.

JS: Gallon signs non-guaranteed deal
Though Hobson's signing already put them at the maximum 15 guaranteed contracts, the Bucks had no choice but to offer Tiny Gallon a non-guaranteed tender offer by September 6 or risk losing his rights. And while many players would have tried to find guaranteed money in Europe rather than risk the chance of being out of work on opening night, Gallon apparently couldn't find a Euro gig or didn't want one (or both).

Unless the Bucks manage a trade or have a change of heart about one of their guaranteed deals (ie Hobson or Boykins), Gallon will probably participate in camp and preseason activities and then get his marching orders by the time the regular season starts on October 27 and the 15-man roster limit kicks in. The best-case scenario for the Bucks at this point would probably be trading Gallon for a future 2nd rounder, though draft picks can't be traded for 30 days after they sign their contract. So the Bucks will have a month to watch Gallon up close and see if the work he's been putting in with John Lucas changes their mind. I wouldn't bet on it, but at this point nothing would surprise me.

FIBA: Delfino and Argentina fall to Lithuania, Turkey face Serbia in semis later today  
Luis Scola's hot streak finally came to an end against Lithuania in the quarterfinals, as Argentina's World Championship run came to an abrupt halt with a 104-85 loss. Delfino did his job with 25 points (9/18 fg, 6/6 ft), but Lithuania outscored Argentina by 10 or more points in each of the first three quarters to lead by 20 at the break and 32 after three.

The loss ended Argentina's medal hopes, but they bounced back to beat Russia 73-61 and now face Spain in the 5th place game on Sunday. Carlitos was again on his game against the Russians, playing all 40 minutes and scoring 26 points on 8/13 shooting.  

In the semis later today, Team USA will face Lithuania at 11 am CT while Ersan Ilyasova and Turkey take on Serbia at 1:30 CT. Both games are on ESPN Classic and

JS: Weltman weighs in on worlds

"Look at Carlos' situation," Weltman said. "Argentina had to search for points and it put Carlos in a more prominent scoring role, maybe even forced him to do things a little out of his comfort zone.

"It makes you grow up. It's a man-sized challenge to assume the responsiblity that comes with it."