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#FearTheDeer Twitter Notes - January 30th 2011

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Hey!  Remember me?  Yes, laziness and other things have gotten in the way, but finally this series makes a triumphant return.    While this season hasn't been very awe inspiring (Maybe in the awe of how pathetic our offense can get) you can bet that these posts always will be.  Not really.

Here we find Bogut contemplating  his virus,  Garrett Temple being welcomed into Milwaukee, CDR's love for Toronto and more.

Brandon Jennings: Underpaid or Overrated?

BJ is fresh off of rehabbing in Columbus Ohio...Err, Milwaukee, and is back to contemplate verses from rap songs:

 Would you rather be under Payed or overrated??? - Jay-z

Well, I believe the answer most NBA players would give would be overrated, because being overpaid usually comes with it.  NBA general managers rule!

Brandon also had some kind words to offer to Dunk Contest replacement and long time friend DeMar DeRozan:

congrats to my boy @DeMar_DeRozan for getting Picked for the @sprite slam dunk contest, you been dunking since the 3rd grade lmao.

Since the 3rd grade, huh?  Hmm...


Not a tweet, but interesting that CDR has lived up to his promise of no longer using a cellphone during the season, per his new Twitter Bio.  He's a dedicated guy, for sure.

He also likes the city of Toronto:

I'm all about life experiences & experiencing new things. Thats why TO is my favorite NBA city. Errything is different here.

I can imagine.  I also like the Antoine Dodson-esque "Errything"

Also, condolences to CDR for his Aunt's passing, because of which he missed the recent Nets game, a very sad time for him.  Along with several tweets he had he also offered this:

One reason I never chase more popularity & status is b/c the hood & my family thinks I'm bigger than Obama. That's all I need.


 Garrett Temple feeling welcomed in Milwaukee

Who knows how long he'll be here, but for now, let's welcome the newest addition to the Twitterverse, Garrett Temple.  And BrewHoop won't be the only thing welcoming him.

People here in Milwaukee are real welcoming. About to kill this Chicken Cheddar Sub from Cousins.

He's also been interacting with some of his fellow teammates on Twitter.  Who knows how much time he'll get or if he'll still be here by the time Salmons gets back, but for now, welcome to Milwaukee.

 Bogues sore, struggling with virus and being a Packers fan for at least one day

In the hot tub. Very sore


 Exclusive look at Bogut answering his doorbell.

Sorry, I had to.  I still love you, Bogut.

Docs say it will plague me for months.Some days it kicks my arse, some days I kick its arse.Just trying to fight through it daily!

Hmm.  What could this mystery illness be?  Some have suggested that it could be mono, which can last for months. It definitely isn't as bad as what first popped up when I searched 'blood virus' on Wikipedia.

And, when the Bucks were in Chicago...

On the Bus, heading to the Arena... Nobody on the road, its almost like todays a public holiday!?

Sort of.  Chicagoans were still mourning their beloved Bears' slaughter at the hands of the Packers, and were too busy burning Jay Cutler jerseys. 

Speaking of the Packers, Bogut was a fan, at least for one day, doin' some live tweeting action.  To which was responded with:

 RT @LouTasi: @AndrewMBogut cmon fake packers because you play in Wisconsin? <<yes and?

It's okay, because as Jeremy Schmidt at Bucksketball put it, Wisconsin is always just passing time until the Packers play. So it doesn't matter if you fake it, it's best to do if you want to get on people's good side.

And guess who else is happy to see Delfino back?

 Great to have my main Argentinos @cabezadelfino back with us. Wish him the best! We need him!


Also, not from a Bucks player, but Jake LeRoy from (People named Jake or Jacob are awesome) now introduces Pump Fake Watch 2011:

Pump Fake Watch 2011: #TurkishThunder caps a season-high 6 pump fakeouts with an almost-as-important 25 points. #Bucks #Raptors