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Brandon Jennings will show off his apparently-existent dunking talents in the 2011 Dunk Contest

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According to a handful of sources (I first saw it here), Brandon Jennings will be participating in this year's NBA Slam-Dunk Contest during All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles. Jennings will be joined by the Clipper's Blake Griffin, the Thunder's Serge Ibaka, and the Wizard's JaVale McGee. The official announcement will not be made until Thursday evening.

Jennings isn't a renowned dunker (we can all remember his miss against the Heat), even relative to other players his size, but his athleticism is undeniable, if sometimes uncontrolled. He did attend Dominguez High School in Compton, making All-Star Weekend a bit of a homecoming.

More important, though, is Jennings' BROKEN FOOT, an ailment which my doctor-uncle informs me significantly increases the difficulty level of the slam-dunk maneuver. Assuming Jennings is in fact a human, however, he should be fully healed before the All-Star break.

I'm far more concerned with Jennings returning to the Bucks healthy and energized than his performance in the dunk contest, but I must admit I'm very intrigued by the prospect. Little guys have done some pretty cool stuff before, so why not Brandon? Plus, making a couple easy shots is often identified as the best way to get out of an extended shooting funk. Since we can perhaps consider most of Jennings' career as an extended shooting funk, taking home the Dunk Contest crown might be the best medicine Bucks fans could ask for.