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Brew Hoop Podcast #12: What is Michael Redd's Legacy with the Bucks?

If you are a Bucks fan, you certainly have an opinion on Michael Redd. He has experienced many transformations in a Bucks uniform, going from an unknown second-round pick, to a famous all-star and gold-medal SG, to an infamous player toiling away in obscurity while rehabbing his mangled knee ligaments. He has also morphed from a criminally underpaid role player, to a seriously overpaid professional scorer, to the "Michael Redd's Expiring Contract" piece thrown around haphazardly in trade scenarios.

Despite these fluctuations in his perceived value and role, it is still fair to say that Michael Redd has remained the same in many important ways. For the entirety of his eleven-year career, Redd has been known by Bucks fans to be a devout Christian man who routinely made his way to center court for post-game prayers, and a charitable off-court personality dedicated to improving NBA communities in the Milwaukee area and beyond. As a player, you can make the argument that Redd has always been a "designated scorer" type who could offer his Bucks teams little more than volume scoring ability.

His legacy comes down to unfortunate timing. To draw upon the sentiments of two stock phrases: familiarity breeds contempt, while absence makes the heart grow fonder. At times during his career, Redd became all too familiar to Bucks fans tired of lax defense and losing seasons. At other times, his absence magnified the need for like-kind offensive talent, but even then he left us wanting upon his various returns to action. The timing never quite seemed to be right.

If you accept our premise that Michael Redd's career with the Milwaukee Bucks is effectively over, then please join us for a discussion on where that leaves his legacy with the franchise...

In this episode, Frank Madden and Steve von Horn provide some perspective on Michael Redd's eleven-year career with the Milwaukee Bucks. We specifically cover the following topics in detail:

  • Why we think Michael Redd has played his last game in a Bucks uniform.
  • Will the franchise retire his jersey number. Should the franchise retire his jersey number? We trace his history with the Bucks and have a general discussion on whether his achievements merit celebration.
  • Evaluation of the meaning and significance behind his all-star appearance and his Olympic gold medal.
  • Definition of the "Michael Redd Era," how the teams he led fared, and how his 6-yr/$91mil contract has come to taint his overall legacy.

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