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NBA Lockout Update: Owners and Players Resume Negotiations

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Wojnarowski: NBA owners, players resume talks
Looking for your weekly dose of vague lockout optimism? Adrian Wojnarowski writes that representatives of owners and players restarted talks on Tuesday in the hope of saving Christmas...or at least the games being played on December 25. 

Lawyers representing the players initially filed two antitrust suits against the league that have since been consolidated into one in Minneapolis. Players Association executive director Billy Hunter told reporters on Tuesday he thought a magistrate could be appointed in the case to begin settlement talks early next week.

Meanwhile, Howard Beck adds that talks will continue on Friday in the hope of salvaging a 66-game schedule starting just four weeks from now. As for the principals now involved in trying to save the season, there's good news and bad news. The good news: it's no longer just the same stale voices who helped get us into this mess. The bad news: the lawyers are now running the show. 

In the context of a lawsuit settlement, the attorneys for both sides are technically in the lead now. It is presumed, however, that both Commissioner David Stern and Billy Hunter, the longtime head of the players association, are involved. Derek Fisher, who was the union's president until it dissolved, has not been involved yet but is expected to rejoin the fray on Friday.

There is also a new face at the table: Jim Quinn, the union's former chief outside counsel, who is now playing a pivotal role in this desperate final push. Quinn worked with the union on labor deals for 20 years and has strong relationships with both Stern and Hunter.

Fingers crossed...yet again. More Bucks news and notes after the jump.

Germany: Jon Leuer returns from ankle injury in Fraport Skyliners' loss
Jon Leuer returned from an ankle injury to score 12 points (6/10 fg) along with 10 rebounds in 30 minutes on Sunday, but Frankfurt lost to Bayern Munich 58-57, their second straight one point loss. It didn't get any better for the Skyliners on Wednesday as they lost 71-58 to Spanish team Gran Canaria in Eurocup action. Hang in there, Skyliners fans. More importantly, Leuer came through with his best offensive performance of the season: 20 points (7/13 fg, 1/1 threes, 5/7 ft) and 8 rebs in 34 minutes.

JSOnline: Jennings listed as creditor in Power Balance bankruptcy
Don Walker writes that Power Balance endorser Brandon Jennings is among those reportedly owed money by the now-bankrupt magic bracelet manufacturer. Jennings and Andrew Bogut were among the many NBA players who began wearing the supposedly performance enhancing bracelets over the past couple years, but the company has been the subject of numerous lawsuits because, well, it's a scam

We're Bucked: Carlos Delfino weighing options closer to home
As also noted by Palomba yesterday, Carlos Delfino's only European offer at this point is from his old Russian club, which perhaps not surprisingly doesn't seem to be high on his list of things to do--not when he's getting a rare chance to spend time the fall (I guess spring in the Southern Hemisphere) with friends and family in Argentina.

Turkey: Ersan Ilyasova and Anadolu Efes stay undefeated
Sasha Vujacic scored 26 and Ilyasova added eight points (4/6 fg) and seven boards in just 20 minutes as Anadolu Efes (6-0) cruised past Hacettepe 98-64.

WSSP: Don Walker talks lockout economics
Walker chatted with Bill Michaels about the impact of the lockout on the Bucks and local businesses. 

El Cerrito Patch: Drew Gooden raises cash for Make-a-Wish
Nice work, Drew. 

SBN: NBA Lockout Winners And Losers (So Far)
In theory we're all losers in the lockout, but Jason Concepcion offers up a bit more nuanced (and hilarious) take in his latest scorecard.