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Bucks Podcast #14: Scouting Mike Dunleavy With Pacers Writer Ian Levy

Brew Hoop's Milwaukee Bucks Podcast series is back with a vengeance. This time I had the opportunity to sit down to talk with Indiana Pacers writer and the creator of Hickory High, Ian Levy, about a variety of topics in the NBA. When the Bucks signed former Pacers forward Mike Dunleavy to a two-year, $7.5 million contract at the outset of free agency, I made my best efforts to break down the move and explain how Dunleavy can help the Bucks moving forward. What better way to find out what Dunleavy has left in the tank than to talk with someone who knows his game inside and out from watching him over the past four seasons?

The conversation doesn't end there, as we also covered a lot of developing Bucks and Pacers news from a variety of angles. Take a look and a listen to find out what else we covered in this interview.

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These are the things we hit on in the podcast:

  • Ian responds to the thoughts in my article on the Mike Dunleavy signing. In short, he also likes the move and thinks Dunleavy is a good fit for the Bucks. Dunleavy has somehow developed a reputation as a poor defensive player, but Ian gives some great insights on whether that reputation is deserved or not.
  • A descriptive breakdown of how Mike Dunleavy's offensive game will actually look on the court, and what he can do best. His high basketball IQ comes into play once again, and concerns about his knees are somewhat quelled by Ian.
  • Hickory High: 2011 Draft Similarity Scores - Ian created a system for comparing statistical profiles for a draftee's final year in college to that of the current players in the NBA. We talk about the basis of the system and then take a look at how Tobias Harris and Jon Leuer came out.
  • Ian offers an outside perspective of the Bucks. Fans of the Bucks like us are almost too close to the action and the flaws of the team at times to really understand where they sit in the NBA landscape, so here's an opportunity to hear what a fan of a division rival thinks of Jennings, Bogut, et al.
  • Ian gives a great breakdown of the Pacers and what he expects from the team his year. I specifically ask for his deeper thoughts on Danny Granger, Darren Collison, Tyler Hansbrough and Roy Hibbert. Does the David West signing put the team into a new stratosphere? Very interesting stuff here from Mr. Levy.
  • Hickory High: Creating Shots In The Clutch - This is a seriously cool look at how NBA players created and converted their shots in clutch situations. "Shot creation" doesn't mean much if it doesn't lead to good opportunities, right? Ian's initial post looks at 16 of the NBA's best players and breaks down (a) how efficient they are in the clutch and (b) the way each player's opportunities arise (assisted looks vs. isolation efforts). The best news of all is that he was nice enough to take the time and create a similar chart for Bucks players. Stay tuned for that, but take time to click over and understand the idea now to get prepared.
  • Ian has started work on his own podcast, Pacers Parlance, so feel free to check that out throughout the season as well.

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