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Brew Hoop Fantasy Basketball is Active!

Updated update: We're currently at 17 people, so we need one more (need an even number of teams). Sounds like we've settled on a regular snake draft at 3:00pm on Monday the 26th. Don't forget to pre-rank your players if you're going to be auto-picking, or leave yourself at the mercy of Yahoo!

Updated Settings: I added 4 more teams (up to 18, don't want to go any higher than 20) and changed the draft time to 3pm on Monday the 26th. I'd strongly recommend switching to an auction draft with this many people, but it's more complicated and takes more time. Up to you guys!

So, I figured out how to renew the old league, but realized that there were a lot of settings we wanted to change anyway, so I just deleted it. The new one is now active on Yahoo! and it's totally better than the old one which was kind of starting to smell:

Name: Brew Hoop Fantasy Basketball

League ID#: 111848

The password and current relevant settings, which can be changed as needed over the next week, are after the jump. Please be considerate and allow Brew Hoop community members the first chance to join.

Password: brockness

Draft type: Live Standard Draft (if people are interested in doing an auction draft, I'm all for it, but it's tougher on people who can't actively participate)

Draft time: Monday, December 26, 12:00 pm (noon) CST -- just a placeholder for now. If this is totally inconvenient for most people it can easily be changed.

Prerequisite for joining: Must commit to watching at least 5 Bucks games this season, which should be a reasonable deterrent to outsiders. Enforced via honor system.

Teams: 14 (can be increased if more people are interested)

Scoring: Head-to-Head standard, 9 categories (TOs included)

Playoffs: 6 teams, seeded overall (could be increased if more teams join)

Official Beverage: Dr. Pepper Ten, although this fantasy league is 100% open to women. But be warned, we will be drinking Dr. Pepper Ten, and you're all apparently not allowed to have any.

Roster Settings: Same as Yahoo! standard, but only 1 center and 3 utility players. 3 bench players. Rosters lock weekly (Not sure what the sentiment on this is, but we're all pretty busy, so it might be nice to have more of a "set it and forget it" system. We can discuss it). Limited to 3 weekly acquisitions.

Suggestions? Questions? Leave a comment!