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Brandon Jennings Thinking About Shot Selection, Stephen Jackson Still Out With Back Injury

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FS Wisconsin: Bucks expect an improvement on offense
Andrew Wagner reports on Brandon Jennings' plans to change up his shot selection in 11/12.

"This summer, I wanted to work on a lot of things," Jennings said. "I feel a little more comfortable shooting the pull-up jump shot. This year, I'm trying not to shoot as many threes as I used to but just try to get in the lane and make things happen."

Getting to the rim more and finishing at just an average rate would do wonders for Jennings' efficiency, so Brandon's on the right track. That said, it's worth noting that the only type of shot Brandon has ever made with even league-average effectiveness is the three pointer--as a rookie he made nearly 38% of his tries from deep. So while aggressiveness, drawing fouls, etc is a good thing, let's be careful not to vilify the three point shot too much.

JS: Tobias Harris and Larry Sanders back practicing
Both Harris and Sanders spent most of last week recovering from dehydration, but they're back practicing now and will be looking for extended minutes in Wednesday's MACC Fund game. Larry Sanders Show
See what happens when you let Larry Sanders loose at media day with a flipcam.

Twitter: Stephen Jackson in New York for second opinion
As also mentioned in Gardner's piece, Stephen Jackson flew to New York on Monday for another opinion on his back--which he later termed on Twitter a "great doc visit" and alluded to getting a shot of some sort. Investigative journalism at its finest, folks.

Arena talk gaining momentum?
Don't expect a solution anytime soon, but as I always say when it comes to the Bradley Center problem: getting people talking is the first step.

ESPN: 2011 offseason grades for every team
Chad Ford hands out offseason grades for each team. The Bucks earn a C+, which seems a little low (I'd give them a B- right now and bump it to B/B+ if they can trade Ilyasova), but he seems to be holding off judgement until we see how the moves pan out. (Dan)