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Milwaukee Bucks Comments: Best Of Brew Hoop Game Threads, Week One

The Milwaukee Bucks are the basis for nearly everything we do here at Brew Hoop, but when it comes to gameday the readers and commenters turn into the stars of the website. For week one games against the Charlotte Bobcats, Minnesota Timberwolves and Washington Wizards, our readers produced some top notch content while posting about the game in real-time on our previews/game threads. Whether you comment regularly during games or simply stop by to watch the responses roll in, this is our chance to highlight the best of what we see each game and each week. Consider it a love letter to our faithful readers and commenters, and an open invitation to all newcomers to join in the fun. I am making unilateral decisions for the first post in the series, but I will be monitoring the "rec" function in the commenting section from now on, so if you see something you like be sure to mark it. Here we go...

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Bucks vs. Bobcats (95-96 Loss)

Things start on track for the Bucks and the commenters, but quickly get off track for both parties. This exchange was much funnier than what the Bucks managed to do in their digression.

Jacob Grinyer: What dehydration?

Superelkman: Dehydration is the new SARS

keiththejourno: Remember when SARS was a thing?

Superelkman: Word. And remember Pogs? Awesome.

keiththejourno: Still remember trading away a ton of them for the allegedly rare one...
...only to find that almost everyone had a rare one and I was down a ton of Pogs.


Shaun Livingston is making good impressions with everyone

Frank Madden: This is Livingston's game

Alex Boeder: This is Livingston's world.

Superelkman: Shaun Livingston has a grizzly bear carpet in his room. The bear isn't dead it is just afraid to move. Shaun Livingston doesn't breathe... He holds air hostage.


I think Shenanigans has officially been called on the Bucks opener...and it was done before the first half ended.

MadTown Hoops: If we lose this I call shenanigans


New World Order Is Established At Approximately 7:30 CST On A Brew Hoop Game Thread. Take Note.

kanyon: Diaw > Maggette.

MadTown Hoops: Everyone > Maggette > Eddy Curry > Olowokandi

Frank Madden: Corrected: Everyone > McRib > Maggette > Eddy Curry > Olowokandi

CanadaBucks: Actually IMO, Candy Man>McRib but that's just me

MadTown Hoops: On a basketball court, it's hard to tell the difference


It was not a great performance by the Bucks...

FearTheDeer: I'm not sure I prefer this to the lockout

Frank Madden: I may have to include Michael Redd in my "Three Bucks" tonight

MadTown Hoops: Bogut, Livingston ... yup

Steve von Horn: Maybe you could use a picture of three dollar bills?


Bucks Lose 95-96, but unklchuck has some words of wisdom

unklchuk: Part of the Bucks personality was on display in the 3rd quarter. The soft, indecisive, buck-in-the-headlights team. My guess is that we all, on some level, knew it was still there. Wasn't at all good to watch; was way too familiar...An unnecessary loss. But not the end of any world. We knew the team has much work to do. It showed tonight. Last year's team seemed unable to learn, unable to improve. I still hope this year's edition will be different.

Timberwolves vs. Bucks (98-95 Win)

And here I thought Street Fighter II Turbo transcended generational boundaries...I blame this on Jon Brockman.

keiththejourno: Brockman = Zangief from streetfighter

Jacob Grinyer: *goes to google images*

keiththejourno: Please tell me that is because you are going to cleverly edit something rather than because you don't know what he looks like...

Jacob Grinyer: I'm afraid it's the latter :(

CanadaBucks: Keith he's like 16 or 17. Might not know what Street Fighter is.....but you're spot on with the comparison.


This has the feel of a developing trend with Larry Sanders, and it is quite disturbing:

MadTown Hoops: Larry Sanders' best defender are his own hands

Brick's house: He would probably be a good volleyball player.

tommyr: Can U say Tito Horford?

Frank Madden: I may use that line later, MadTown...


This exchange confirms that Scott Skiles is most definitely the coach of the Milwaukee Bucks, but it's a painful reminder to be sure.

Prentice: 60 points in a half...and Scott Skiles is still our coach right???

Big Crazy Dave: You have just posted what we are ALL thinking :)

Keith Firmin: I was actually wondering to myself whether I should make myself some cheese on toast..

Big Crazy Dave: Well....apart from Keith... ;)

MadTown Hoops: It all depends on whether we see another classic third quarter collapse


Larry Sanders' questionable hand eye coordination is trending everywhere!

FearTheDeer: Saw this on realGM thought it was hilarious: "You gotta hand it to Sanders. Literally, you have to hand it to him because he can't catch."


This is not a joke. I repeat, this is not a joke.

FearTheDeer: Bogut raining Js


Jon Leuer is quickly becoming a fan favorite. 14 points on 79.9 TS% to go with 8 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks does wonders for gaining the affection of the fan base. It also apparently sets off a chain of bad Bucks-related puns.

Keith Firmin: In Leuer we trust.

Superelkman: We will Leuer them into a false sense of security

the new Bradfather: The Bucks will hit the T-Wolves in the BoGUT

Keith Firmin: Oh wow....we're going here are we?

Superelkman: Yeah, I am DARINGton you to continue. The Skiles the limit with this team

the new Bradfather: Let's JACKson up a few more puns!

Superelkman: I'm sure we could BANGo a few more out.


Bucks Win, Bucks Win. It wasn't easy.

Brick's house: Good to see the Bucks can pull out a win shooting .125 from three and giving up 45 FTs.


Bucks wins, Australian for beer?

AussieTom: watched from Australia, happy with the win. Even performance with a number of contributors, Leuer impressive and looking forward to saturday morning vs Washington.

Big Crazy Dave: Me too. Did you watch it like me...laptop on coffee table for NBA, TV in background for Boxing Day Test?

AussieTom: haha, exactly, happy to wake up at 7:30am perth time knowing that your day will be boxing day test and the bucks at the same time! only disappointing thing is that it was a bit early to crack a beer!

tommyr: I work with a guy who is from Perth

Big Crazy Dave: Never too early to crack a beer son...


Wizards vs. Bucks (102-81 Win)

Things got off to a great start before the game even tipped off. Very punny stuff.

Superelkman: Andray Blatche reminds me of a young Drew Gooden, theoretically talented but has a super poor bball IQ, doesn't give good effort, and always seems to contribute to losing

Alex Boeder: Blatchelism!

Mitchell Maurer: Outstanding pun.

Frank Madden: Another one: Blatche-ulence. [h/t Danny Chau]

Big Crazy Dave: Would that make the Verizon Center his Blatche-elor Pad? Or post match celebrations a Blatche-elor Party? ;)

Jacob Grinyer: I always thought "Blatche" sounded like a profanity.


More math!?!?

Frank Madden: The Wizards are not a very intelligent basketball team. Might have the highest ratio of talent : bball IQ in the league.

Superelkman: that might cause a divide by zero error with the Wizards.


Not a typo, folks. Please address your thank you letters to: Wizards Defensive Discipline, 1 Candy Lane Road, The North Pole 90210.

Big Crazy Dave: Wow! 70% FG%!


Here come references? It happened to be the theme of the night.

Steve von Horn: Someone explain the 1st quarter to me in 20 words or less (a challenge). I missed it diong stuff for my wife

Superelkman: 1st Quarter Haiku
Bucks moving the ball.
Nick Young is shooting bad shots.
Jackson to Ersan.

Jacob Grinyer: Don't forget Roger Mason Jr. getting disqualified mid play for not being on the active roster. Skiles sees everything.

Steve von Horn: ooooooooooo. Good addition to the narrative

Jacob Grinyer: This'll make a thrilling novel someday.

Steve von Horn: It has wizards in it. That crap sells.

Superelkman: Deer recently ravaged by bobcats avenging the lost deer by taking out a bunch of wizards.

Frank Madden: so cliche

Big Crazy Dave: Surely you could've worked some wild wolves into it somehow...


We are technically still waiting on whatever this is/was/could have been.


Five minutes later...

Jacob Grinyer: *crickets*




Book references are back, but this time you can blame it on another poor third quarter showing by the Bucks. Just for fun, check out how bad Tyler Hansbrough is at's priceless.

Steve von Horn: Ladies and gentlemen, the inexplicable 3rd quarter collapse!

Big Crazy Dave: Different book, same old story...

Steve von Horn: Winning a third quarter would be a novel idea

Celtin: When the Bucks have a big lead, it is forshadowing for a 3rd quarter collapse.


This is pretty much where any conversation about Wizards basketball should start.


Steve von Horn: He didn't get any votes for the most well-read Wizards player...

Jacob Grinyer: He brought an eye patch and everything

Celtin: For shrinkage purposes. [Posts a picture that says: To err is human, to arr is pirate]


Palomba technically told the Bucks to straighten things out after a sub-par third quarter, so he should get some credit for the 4th quarter surge that led to a comfortable win for the Bucks.

palomba: Come on, Bucks. Show some determination and close the game.


There is an existential question posed by CanadaBucks that could stump even the most talented basketball philosopher, but feel free to ponder it for a moment.

Brick's House: Brockman is getting in, it is officially Garbage Time. Still interesting that Gooden still isn't playing. You would have that he would have at least gotten a few minutes to break a sweat.

CanadaBucks: Not garbagy enough for Gooden?


A final thought to close out the first week of Milwaukee Bucks basketball in the 2011-12 season that makes even the most skeptical analysts crack a smile and wonder for at least a few minutes what might be happening...

Superelkman: Jennings looking very poised this year... he is picking his spots much better... his shot selection is better... hopefully this jump in play continues throughout the year because then we actually have a chance to be solid.

Big Crazy Dave: + ....ummm....what's bigger than infinity?

Brick's House: Just rec it.

Consider it rec'd.


So, what do you think about the format and the structure? Is this an enjoyable addition that I should keep up with weekly to celebrate our blog community, or are you not yet "feeling it." As always, let us know in the comments section and we hope to see you on Brew Hoop for game nights from now on.