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Brandon Jennings belts up, Aaron Rodgers style

The Bucks aren't winning a title anytime soon, but isn't any win worth celebrating at the moment? That's why I'm totally endorsing Brandon Jennings' decision to unleash the belt after Carlos Delfino's last minute three put a cap on the Bucks' relief-inducing 102-78 win over the Clips. And for those questioning Brandon's decision to unleash the belt for "just" a win over the Clippers, let me remind you that we're talking about an INVISIBLE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT.

He's done it before, he'll hopefully do it again, and why not? The only prerequisite is having two hands, so as far as I'm concerned we should all be using the belt more in our everyday lives. Finished putting together an Excel spreadsheet at work? BELT. Finally managed to open that uncooperative jar of mayonnaise? BELT. We're all champions in our own ways, my friends.

Hat tip to the intrepid Outside the NBA for the upload!