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Video: A Hot Michael Redd Minute

Michael Redd returned to practice this week, but as we noted, that does not mean he is anywhere near joining the team for a game or two. Indeed, before Tuesday night's win over the Timberwolves at the BC, Scott Skiles clarified that it is just another phase in the journey:

He just warmed up, basically went through the warm-up part. He moved around okay. He looks like he is in good shape. He has worked really hard. We don't know anything really more than that. He still has a lot of things he's got to go through before he's actually ready to play in a game. He is on schedule. He looks good. But there is still quite a ways to go.

And while the possible return of Redd later this season trepidates me some, I also walked into the BC tonight and could not stand too far away from his pre-game practice shots. Above: 14-16 from outside in a minute by my count. Perspective downer: The image of Dan Gadzuric burying jumper after jumper after (seriously) jumper in warmups my first year on the beat last season still loops in my memory from time to time.