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Bucks targeting week of March 21 for Redd's return

Coach Skiles, prior to the Bull game, on Michael Redd's progress:

I think we've kind of targeted somewhere around the week of March 21. Somewhere around the week of that day, just kind of a loose target. We're not set with it, just try to turn him up until that point and see where he's at. He moved around well this morning and we just have to ease him into some live stuff.

Whether the possible addition of Redd would qualify as more of a boon to the pro-playoff-push crowd or to the pro-tanking crowd, it is hard to say. While making 14 of 16 threes in warmups earlier in the week hardly qualifies as a representative sample of the form you should expect, the team could hardly get any more disharmonious offensively. Right now Milwaukee is 4.5 games behind the Pacers for the final playoff spot and 1.5 games "behind" the Pistons for the 8th worst record overall. The Bucks play 11 games between now and March 23; they play 13 games after that.