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Pistons/Bucks: Struggling Central rivals hoping for one last desperate playoff push

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2010/2011 NBA Season


22-36 (14-14 home)
22-39 (7-23 road)
March 1, 2011
Bradley Center
7:00 PM CT
Radio: 620 WTMJ TV: FSN Wisconsin
Probable starters:
Brandon Jennings PG
Rodney Stuckey
John Salmons
SG Ben Gordon
Carlos Delfino
SF Tayshaun Prince
Luc Mbah a Moute PF Chris Wilcox
Larry Sanders* C Greg Monroe

(30th) 101.1 - OFFENSE -  106.4 (19th)
(5th) 102.7 - DEFENSE - 111.0 (27th)
(25th) 89.9  - PACE -  88.5 (29th)

On the PistonsDetroit Bad Boys / Piston Powered / Need4Sheed

The Pistons bring their basketball soap opera to Milwaukee, hoping to improve to 3-0 against the Bucks so far this season.

DBB: Bad Boys playing nice?
The last time he visited Milwaukee, Rip Hamilton had missed 13 straight contests and seemed a good bet to never play in a Piston uni again. So naturally he suited up and scored 15 points in 20 minutes, helping the Pistons to a depressingly easy 89-78 win that probably should have been the official death knell of the Bucks' 10/11 season.. Fittingly he hasn't played since, though his 10 game absence has hardly been uneventful. To recap: he apparently scuttled a potential trade that could have eventually made him a free agent, skipped a practice that half the team may or may not have boycotted, and then showed up today saying all the right things about his contentious relationship with soon-to-be-ex-coach John Kuester. Confused? Join the club.

BrewHoop: Bogut hurt, Barron arrives

Earl Barron for Andrew Bogut isn't exactly the kind of trade the Bucks want to make, but it's the latest blow in a season full of both injuries and insults. Bogut will be out at least a week with a strained muscle in his ribcage, clearing the way for Larry Sanders to start in the middle for a Bucks squad that will also be without Ersan Ilyasova (concussion). Could this be the injury that causes the Bucks to finally shut down Bogut for the remainder of the season?  It's looking more and more likely it won't matter either way (did I really make a playoffs reference in the title of this post?), 

JS: Opportunity knocks for Sanders
The injuries to Bogut and Ilyasova spell opportunity for Sanders, an ironic turn considering the rookie was sent down to the D-League for the first time just a week ago. 

"He'll get some more chances for sure," Skiles said. "We have a need now because we're injured.

"He's got to stay in plays. He'll make an initial effort and sometimes it's OK. At this level, guys are going to play the possession out all the way to the end.

"It's just not a habit that he has yet, but he's much better at it. It's just staying with the speed of the game and the actions and what's going on. It's learning the NBA game. He's got to continue to keep working and getting better."

Skiles notes that the Bucks' lack of bodies up front will also likely mean immediate minutes for Barron.

"We may play small a little bit more," Skiles said. "We'll just have to, based on the opponent and how the game is going, make the best decisions we can."

"He's got experience," Skiles said. "When his feet are set, he's a very good shooter. He's active. He's had good moments already in the NBA.

"More than likely he's going to play some tonight."

BucksketballBrandon Jennings, assists and his fit in the Bucks offense
Jeremy provides a pseudo-defense of Brandon Jennings' low assist totals.

The OnionConfused Milwaukee Bucks Have No Idea What To Do After Rebounding Basketball
When confronted with the option of either laughing or crying, I always choose laughter.

The NBPA supports the Wisconsin teachers' union
This might matter if the Packers/NFLPA got involved, but alas, we all know that (sadly) Wisconsin isn't a pro hoops kind of state. Sorry, teachers.