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Bucks do not lose to Bulls today

The Pacers beat the Bucks by two games for the final playoff spot in the East this season, for the chance to play the Bulls in the first round. With the postseason commencing today, even those in the pro-tanking crowd probably could not have helped but wish that it was Milwaukee, instead of Indiana, shocking Chicago for most of the afternoon.

Until the Bulls staged a stunning comeback, winning the fourth quarter by 13 points led by the magically clutch Derrick Rose and a dominant defense that held the Pacers without a field goal for the final three minutes of the game.

Because the Bucks have already been there, and experienced exactly all of that exactly three weeks ago

Although, as Indy Cornrows concluded the story from Indiana's perspective today:

Even this is better than drafting 12th.

True. Though four losses to the Bulls was plenty -- eight may have been too many.