Dwyer: "Brandon Jennings...Teammates"

"Brandon Jennings is not happy with his new teammates", is how it was worded by Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo!Sports.

Today (Tuesday) at 11 in the morning, Kelly Dwyer, an NBA blogger, posted a story about Brandon Jennings. You can read the real story by clicking this link.

Anyways, here is an excerpt from the original story.

From the Racine Journal-Times:

After the Bucks were virtually eliminated from the Eastern Conference playoffs in a loss Friday to the Indiana Pacers, Bucks starting point guard Brandon Jennings publicly expressed what many of his teammates had privately felt for months.

"Some guys have the mind-set of winning on the team and some guys just don't,'' Jennings said.

Jennings then indirectly took a shot at Bucks general manager John Hammond, assistant general manager Jeff Weltman and coach Scott Skiles, the three biggest personnel decision-makers in the organization next to owner Herb Kohl.

"We traded a lot of pieces I feel like we should have kept,'' Jennings said. "But that's part of the business and you've got to roll with it.''

That excerpt was written in the Racine Journal-Times. I think it is clear that Brandon is taking a shot at a teammate if not a few. I have the feeling it could be Salmons, who took a big paycheck to the bank while taking his game in a backwards direction. Salmons was clearly out of shape at the beginning of the season and also clearly didn't work on his game enough...he's shooting his worst percentage from the field since '05-06, while he's posting his lowest PPG average and 3-pt% since '07-08. Salmons is 31, but I don't feel he is old enough to have taken such a huge step backwards from last season.

Meanwhile, I don't think Brandon was really taking a shot at the management. He just wishes Luke and Kurt Thomas were still on the team and not Maggette and Gooden. And he also expected the management to add a good wing through free agency, but that didn't happen. But again, I don't see how Brandon was calling out the management with that comment, rather simply saying that he thinks more could have been done to improve the team.

Another excerpt, this one from Dwyer himself,

...Toss in Jennings' slow development (he still shoots well under 40 percent, takes too many 3-pointers, and doesn't get to the line all that much as a result)...

Yes, Jennings is shooting under 40% and taking too many threes but let's not say he has "slow development". FOR GOODNESS SAKES IT'S HIS 2ND SEASON. Jennings is only 21 years old and in his 2nd season, and people like this blogger expect him to be averaging 20+ PPG while shooting 45% from the floor? I do feel he should have made a bigger improvement to this season but he actually wasn't very good last year either besides his 55-point game that brought upon him unwanted and unneeded hype/expectations. Brandon Jennings was overrated last season and it wasn't his fault, he didn't ask to be overrated, he just played his best and it's not always good enough. If Brandon is still this type of player in 2 years then yes he is a "slow-developer". But "Sophmore Blues" didn't get a cliche saying out of happens.

And one more thing I'd like to say. He made these comments mostly out of frustration because the Bucks are losing games. Brandon Jennings wants to win, and that's why I hope he's a Buck for a while longer.

What do you guys think about Jennings' comments and the article?

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