Why not the Jimmer?

While I hold my breath, cross my fingers, and collect four leaf clovers for tonight's lottery, deep down I know the universe just doesn't like me enough to give the Bucks a top three pick. So with the 10th (maybe the 11th) pick every mock I've seen has the Bucks taking a power forward in either Tristan Thompson or Marcus Morris. My first question is why? Surely our Power Forward by committee leaves plenty to be desired. Between Sanders, Ilyasova, Gooden and Mbah a Moute the Bucks lack someone that can truly help relieve some of the rebounding pressure off of Andrew Bogut but is a player picked tenth in the draft and lacking game-changing height like Thompson and Morris going to change that?

Forgive me for stating the obvious but the biggest problem with the bucks is scoring. Jennings has yet to show that he can consistently control a game and none of our options at the two guard are legitimate scoring options (sorry Salmons but its true). I can't be alone when I say that I'm sick of watching the Bucks hold their opponents under ninety points and not score enough to win. Which is why I think, if given the chance, the Bucks need to draft Jimmer Fredette. More of my rationale after the jump:

The most prolific scorer in college last year has a lot of question marks when it comes to translating to the NBA but most experts agree that he'll develop into a Stephen Curry type player with solid offensive production while being a sore spot on defense. Someone that can attack the basket and be trusted to hit outside shots is exactly what Brandon Jennings needs to really open up the offense and hit his own potential. The argument could be made that he needs the ball in his hands to be productive but even if thats the case Jennings clearly needs a solid backup. The Bucks missed Luke Ridnour more than anyone would like to admit. Furthermore, who could be trusted more than Scott Skiles to help Jimmer with the weakest part of his game on the defensive end. With Jimmer being a solid option at both guard spots and the only potent offensive weapon likely to be available by the time its the Bucks turn to draft I can't see any reason to go with anyone else.

The excitement that Jimmer would bring to the fan-base is just icing on the cake but can't be ignored with the uncertainty surrounding Herb Kohl's ownership and the huge letdown the 2010-11 season was. So while I understand that there's risk involved with a player like Jimmer Fredette, the uncertainty surrounding this draft class makes me think it is the perfect time to take that risk.

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