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NBA Draft combine measurements released

Head over to ESPN or DraftExpress to check out official measurements taken at the pre-draft camp in Chicago. The athletic testing numbers are not out yet, but some of the more notable figures from the always over-scrutinized measurements:

  • Chad Ford raved about Kawhi Leonard's big hands last week and the measurements don't lie. Aside from his impressive 7'3" wingspan, the former San Diego State star measured out with the second biggest hands at the combine (9.8" long and 11.3" wide). 
  • Derrick Williams has talked a bit about being a small forward in the NBA, but his 6'7.25" / 6'8.75" height, 248 pound frame, 7'1.5" wingspan, and 9'0" standing reach scream power forward to me. Also screaming power forward: his game. Yes, he can stick outside jumpers, but why try to turn him into a perimeter player when he has great potential as an inside-out 4 man? Derrick, embrace your inner big man. Let's not over-think these things. 
  • Tristan Thompson's numbers were essentially identical to Williams.
  • Proven scoring machine Marshon Brooks showed off an impressive 7'1" wingspan and some of the widest hands for a shooting guard (10.5").   
  • Alec Burks measured as expected (6'5" barefoot / 6'6" in shoes) and had a solid 6'10" wingspan. 
  • The Morris twins weren't overly short but they do have alligator arms relative to their peers. As expected, Markieff (6'7.75" / 6'9.25") was slightly taller than the more skilled Marcus (6'7" / 6'8.75") and heavier as well (240 vs. 230 pounds). However, neither cracked 6'11" or more in wingspan or 8'10.5" in the standing reach. Marcus in particular has been trying to talk up his perimeter game and potential ability to play small forward of late, so he's increasingly looking like a potential tweener. Seems like he might have the skills to pull it off, but there are inherent risks in drafting guys who played  the 4/5 in college and now have to play (and defend) the perimeter in the NBA (See the case of Alexander, Joe). 
  • Former Badger Jon Leuer was listed at 6'10" in college and measured the same in Chicago--barefoot. With shoes and a little rounding he can claim to be a seven footer (6'11.5"), which is never a bad thing. But before we project him as the next Shaq, it's also worth noting his relatively modest wingspan (7'0") and smallish hands.