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Brew Hoop Draft Board

We're officially one month away from the 2011 NBA Draft, so now seems like a good time to get a bearing on which direction everybody wants the team to go with the 10th pick.

The poll below offers a number of choices -- pick the player you want the Bucks to pick. We're not looking for a mock draft here, we want to know who is topping the draft board for Bucks fans.

For now, we've tried to include players who have a realistic chance of falling to Milwaukee, so unfortunately the few elite prospects in this draft might be out of the question. If the player you want isn't listed among the choices, let's hear about it in the comments! Same goes for any deals you think the Bucks should make to move up or down in the draft.

We'll tally up the poll votes, plus any others included in the comments (no cheating!), when the poll closes at midnight on Friday.