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Bucks could try to move up for Derrick Williams, Enes Kanter doesn't hate Milwaukee

Tristan Thompson and Jordan Hamilton are expected to be available when the Bucks pick tenth in the NBA draft. Derrick Williams?  Not so much.
Tristan Thompson and Jordan Hamilton are expected to be available when the Bucks pick tenth in the NBA draft. Derrick Williams? Not so much.

Ford: Look for Bucks to make play for Derrick Williams
Chad Ford recaps the latest buzz from Chicago, including this interesting nugget about the Bucks possibly making a run at Minnesota's number two overall selection.

The question is, who will draft him at No. 2? As I reported Tuesday, the Wolves are very open to trading the pick if they can get some veteran help. They won't be giving the pick away, but given the youth on the team and the log jam at both forward positions, this pick is a great asset to trade for veteran help. Look for the Cavs, Jazz, Wizards, Kings, Pistons, Bobcats, Bucks, Rockets, Pacers, Sixers to all get in the mix for him in the coming weeks.

It's not clear if Ford has heard something or if he's just making an educated guess, but don't count me among those expecting the Bucks to pull off a draft night blockbuster. Presumably any deal for the #2 pick would require dealing either Brandon Jennings or Andrew Bogut, and my guess is that at the end of the day the price for #2 will likely be fairly steep and not a great match for what the Bucks have. Then again, never underestimate David Kahn's willingness to wheel and deal, especially if he's no longer counting on Ricky Rubio as his savior at the point. As for the Bucks, no one knows for sure how much their commitment to Jennings may have slipped over the past season, but that doesn't mean they'll aggressively try to move him either. 

If we want to speculate a bit, one potential deal could center around Jennings and #10 for the underachieving Jonny Flynn and #2. My gut is the Timberwolves would want more, and it's very possible they'd prefer a veteran talent over another younger guy who hasn't quite put it all together yet.  The Bucks don't have much to offer on that front, as all of their vaguely useful vets are overpaid. But there are some interesting connections between the two teams: Jennings is still good friends with Kevin Love from their AAU days, and recall the talk that the Bucks actually had Flynn ahead of Jennings on their draft board in 2009. It would be a gutsy move for a Bucks franchise trying to toe the line between building a long-term contender and winning in the short term, but taking a big chance might very well be the only path to both.  

WSSP: Woelfel reports post-camp
Speaking of Jennings' availability, Gery Woelfel continues to lead the chorus of Brandon doubters, but he also clarifies the spurious origins of the Jennings trade rumors from a couple days ago. As Dan suggested at the time, there was almost no journalistic substance behind it, just a single sentence based on some journalists trading gossip at the pre-draft camp. It's not to say the Bucks aren't open to trading Jennings, though I think Steve was also on point in the comments when he noted that it's John Hammond's job to listen to trade offers for his players--even if he's not desperate to trade any of them.

Paschketball: Prospects talking in Chicago
Jim Paschke checks in from Chicago with three of the Bucks' top targets at number ten: Alec Burks, Marcus Morris, and Tristan Thompson. 

DraftExpress: New mock has Bucks nabbing Biyombo
Jonathan Givony's latest mock has Congan big man Bismack Biyombo slipping to the Bucks at number ten, which should give some hope to a number of our regular commenters (you know who you are). The Biyombo buzz cooled off over the last week, but realistically that probably had a lot to do with the fact that he wasn't in Chicago. Still, it's not that he's ducking NBA scrutiny. Like most of the European-based players in this year's draft, he's instead expected to work out and get measured at the adidas EuroCamp in a couple weeks time, so it's quite possible his name gets hot again when he's back in front of teams. Among the guys currently projected to go in the top nine, I'd guess one or more of Kemba Walker, Marcus Morris (tweener), and Jonas Valanciunas (potential buyout issues) slip on draft night, which means it's more of a longshot that Biyombo lasts into the late lottery.   

Woelfel: Kanter's agent says no slight intended to Bucks
Kudos also goes to Woelfel for tracking down Enes Kanter's agent Max Ergul to clarify his comments implying he didn't want his client coming to Milwaukee.

"It was nothing against the Bucks," Ergul said. "It was where they are positioned in the draft and where Enes is projected to go.

"They're picking 10 and we've been focusing on teams that are picking in the top five. If they had said they were planning on being creative or something like that in regard to their draft position, it would have been absolutely no problem."

The whole issue will probably be moot when Kanter is selected in the top five or six, but it's still somewhat reassuring to hear that the Turkish big man isn't opposed to playing for the Bucks on general principal. Woelfel also had this interesting note about the relationship between Jennings and Texas swingman Jordan Hamilton:

Hamilton said their friendship is not only built on basketball but on religion as well. Hamilton then pulled out his Blackberry and revealed an instant message he had received earlier in the day from Jennings.

It read: "In all my prayers for all of you I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now." Philippians 1:4-5

Hamilton then added, "Brandon sends me bible scriptures every day."

DraftExpress: NBA Combine Interviews
If you can't get enough of the draft, head over to DX for interviews with many of the draft's top prospects, including Williams, Kanter, the Morris twins, Jimmer Fredette, and Alec Burks. 

Ford: Mock 3.0 has Tristan Thompson to Bucks
Chad Ford's latest mock has the Bucks going for Texas' Thompson over Burks, Marcus Morris, and Jimmer Fredette among others.