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Brew Hoop 2011 NBA Draft Board - Pick #1

We got a lot of good input from everybody in the last draft board post, but it quickly became evident that opinions were pretty widely split regarding who the Bucks should target in the draft. Therefore, instead of rehashing that same question with more options, we're going to start a Brew Hoop 2011 Draft Board, along the same lines as those found on sites like Sactown Royalty and The Dream Shake.

This should be a more straightforward process. We'll mostly use the prospect rankings from sites like DraftExpress and ESPN to determine which players should come up where (at least initially), and as each player gets picked we'll adjust the options accordingly.

A brush-up on what we mean by a "draft board": Pick the player YOU would like the Bucks to select, assuming they were drafting at each position - this ain't no mock draft. Essentially what we're looking for is a ranking of each prospective draftee. That means you should take into account need, potential, or (trade) value, and consider which other players are still available. We're not experts, but it should be a fun and interesting way of gauging the community's general opinions on this draft class. We'll run through about 20 picks, which should take us right up close to draft day.

The first selection poll will close tomorrow night at 10, and the next one will being shortly after it closes. Feel free to defend/brag about your selection in the comments, and let us know of any non-obvious choices you think should be included in the next poll. Also, if you select the option, "My preferred choice isn't listed," please leave your pick in the comments, but please be clear about it (eg. "My choice for pick #X on the board is ______"). That will make it easier for us to tally the results if there isn't an obvious top choice in the poll. No registering a whole bunch of new accounts to pump up your guy, either! We're onto your game.