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Bucks work out Klay Thompson, Jordan Hamilton and Marshon Brooks, but ready to pass on Jimmer Fredette Klay Thompson and Jordan Hamilton headline
We're now just one week away from draft night, and the good news is that the Bucks have been able to work out most of the guys slotted in their range (good riddance, Jimmer?). Having already looked at slashers Alec Burks and Marshon Brooks (see below), the Bucks saw two of the draft's best shooting wings in Klay Thompson and Jordan Hamilton on Wednesday. Jim Paschke has video of the prospects and reaction from Billy McKinney, who feels good about the Bucks' chances at #10. 

"We really feel good about the 10th pick. We’ve had a lot of interest in the pick, in terms of people wanting to move up to get there. We happen to like the position we’re in.

Thompson isn't as young or athletically dynamic as Burks, but he was a similarly efficient scorer thanks to his ability to shoot from distance. Like Burks he also did a fair bit of initiating the offense to boot, which is a major bonus in my book. Meanwhile, Hamilton rebounded from a disappointing sophomore season to score over 18 ppg, grab nearly eight rpg, and show similarly unlimited range from deep.

Last year taught us to take McKinney's workout commentary with a grain of salt, but it's still interesting to hear how the Bucks view guys' strengths, weaknesses, positional tendencies, etc. Some interesting commentary on how Hamilton and Thompson compare to Alec Burks, as well as McKinney's reaction to Bismack Biyombo's much-publicized workout last week in Treviso, Italy.

"We still like what he can do in terms of rebounding and defending, defending inside, blocking shots. You can never have enough big people. That's an area where we kind of ran short this year, so he still merits consideration."

Woelfel: Marshon Brooks works out for Bucks
The Bucks may have taken Alec Burks out for dinner, but they're also keeping their options wide open. Gery Woelfel writes that while John Hammond and Billy McKinney were scouting in Europe, assistant GM Jeff Weltman and director player personnel Dave Babcock saw Brooks work out in Chicago--a compromise meant to accommodate Brooks' busy pre-draft schedule. And wouldn't you know it, his agent is excited! 

"The Bucks like him a lot,'' Cohen said. "The Bucks are now looking to bring him there (to Milwaukee) for another workout.''

That might not happen, though. Cohen said his client already has several scheduled workouts before the June 23 draft, including three this week, starting today with the Chicago Bulls.

"Obviously, time is running out,'' Cohen said. "But I'll try to do everything humanly possible to get him up there.''

Imig: Bucks will pass on Fredette if he gets to No. 10
Back during the Larry Harris era in 2007, the Bucks' theory was to draft the best guy whether he wanted to come to Milwaukee or not. A noble stance, though Yi Jianlian's disappointing career serves as a reminder that the toughest part is still figuring out who the best player actually is. Convincing him to play in Milwaukee? That should be the easy part.

But things have changed since John Hammond and Scott Skiles arrived, with an emphasis on building an organization that can afford to pass on players who don't want to be in Milwaukee. It's no coincidence that Yi was dealt soon after Hammond arrived, and the Bucks don't seem to be losing sleep over Jimmer Fredette's decision to snub them over the past month. After the Bucks' workout on Tuesday, Paul Imig caught Jeff Weltman sounding off rather openly on the issue:  

"We tell (agents), ‘If your kid doesn’t come in to visit, we can’t pick him,’" Weltman said. "‘So just know, I know you think he’s going to be gone before us, but if he does that to us, he’s going to get past us.’"

Breathe easy, Mitchell.

Paschketball: Summer talk with Scott Skiles + Brandon Jennings/Larry Sanders
More good stuff from Jim, as he catches up with Scott Skiles, Brandon Jennings, and Larry Sanders to discuss their summer plans (working out in Milwaukee mainly), draft philosophy (best player, obviously), and who they were rooting for in the Finals.  

Hoops Report: Media Mock Draft
Thanks to Ryan and the gang at The Hoops Report for letting us represent the Bucks in the Twitter media mock draft last week. Hit the link above for our reasoning behind taking Burks, and don't forget to follow us on Twitter.  

Ford: Bucks go with Klay Thompson over Burks, Biyombo
Chad Ford was sitting next to John Hammond during the Biyombo workout in Treviso, and it sounds like Brandon Jennings may have been a topic of conversation.

With the Bucks telling me pretty strongly that they're holding on to Brandon Jennings as their point guard, and with the team making a strong drive to get back in the playoffs, I think Thompson is a better fit.

In other mockery, DX now has the Bucks going with Marcus Morris (and Norris Cole in the second) and Ian Thomsen at SI foresees Thompson as well.