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Hammond: No truth to Andrew Bogut trade rumors

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JS: Hammond says "no truth" to Andrew Bogut trade rumors
We first mentioned the curious Bogut-to-Minnesota talk on Friday, but over the weekend it took on a mind of its own when original source Darren "Doogie" Wolferson of ESPN1500 in Minneapolis suggested it was "believed Milwaukee initiated those talks." Oh really?

The supposed offer revolved around Minnesota's 2nd overall pick (and salary filler) being shipped to the Bucks for Bogut and the 10th pick, which makes a world of sense to David Kahn and company. Of course, the obvious follow-up question would be why the Wolves wouldn't immediately accept the Bucks' supposed offer...or more reasonably, perhaps the Bucks didn't offer up Bogut at all. John Hammond, what say ye?

"There's no truth to any of these false rumors that have been reported," Hammond said.

One report said the Bucks were considering a deal that would send Bogut and their No. 10 pick in Thursday's draft to Minnesota for the No. 2 overall pick.

Hammond said the Bucks "have not" talked with the Timberwolves about a deal.

While Bogut's ability to stay healthy remains a question, he was an elite defensive presence even while playing without the full use of his right arm a season ago, leading the league in shot-blocking and also ranking among the league's best rebounders. All the talk is that Bogut's arm should be much closer to 100% by this coming fall, especially if a lockout delays the season, so the Bucks would be seriously rolling the dice when you consider that Derrick Williams, the presumptive number two pick, isn't exactly a sure-fire star.

So is there any scenario where a deal like this could make sense? I suppose Bogut's arm could be in much worse shape than anyone's letting on, but the only other scenario where dealing Bogut for unproven, non-elite picks could make sense is if the Bucks did a 180 and opted to tank next season with an eye on the loaded 2012 draft. Of course that route would also completely contradict everything else they've done over the past couple years, but I suppose it's always possible. And in all honesty, you could argue that the Bucks' best chance of contending in the next decade would be to dismantle most of the current roster in favor of a young squad bad enough to net some high lottery picks. Take your lumps! Get worse so you can get better! Do it OKC-style! Something like that.

But I don't know how viable that model is in a small, fickle market like Milwaukee, where it's hard enough to make money when the team is reasonably competitive. And perhaps most importantly, the tanking route doesn't seem to be where the Bucks' heads are at right now--not after they won 46 games two years ago with an arguably less talented (but healthier) squad than last season's 35-win team.

Woelfel: Chris Singleton and Jon Leuer working out for Bucks on Tuesday
We already knew Providence scoring machine Marshon Brooks was going to be in town on Tuesday, but Gery Woelfel reports Florida State SF Chris Singleton and Badger big man Jon Leuer will also be in attendance. Singleton is considered a versatile defensive specialist but hasn't been widely connected with the Bucks so far, while Leuer has a chance to sneak into the first round after measuring well in Chicago and impressing teams in workouts. If nothing else, bringing Singleton in will provide Brooks a nice test in case the Bucks find themselves in a position to pick him on Thursday.

Ford: Bobcats, Bucks and Warriors open to moving their picks
Despite Billy McKinney's insistence that the Bucks were more than happy to keep their 10th overall pick, Chad Ford writes that the Bucks are among the mid-lottery teams "open to moving their picks."

Later in the day, Ford also tweeted that Alec Burks has emerged as a possible option for the Kings at #7, which is the first time he's seriously been talked about as possibly going ahead of the Bucks and Bobcats. While I like Burks, he seems like an awful fit next to Tyreke Evans, doesn't he?

Berger: Bucks looking to move pick
Ford isn't the only one hearing the Bucks are looking to move their pick. CBS' Ken Berger reports Milwaukee is "looking to trade the 10th pick but would take Burks if they can't." As noted this weekend, the Knicks (#17) are looking to move up in order to draft Jimmer Fredette.

SBNation Mock Draft 2011: Alec Burks At No. 10
Dan authored our pick in SB Nation's network mock.

Imig: Sanders working on scoring this offseason
Paul Imig writes that Larry Sanders is putting his offensive development front and center over the summer, welcome news considering he was one of the least effective scorers (44.8% true shooting) on a team full of guys who looked clueless on the offensive end. It's not that the tools aren't there--Sanders showed nice form and good touch from 15-20 feet for much of the season, and his tremendous wingspan and huge hands helped him convert 65% of his shots in the basket area. But he took over half his shots outside 10 feet and made just 31% from that range, which helps explain how a mobile 6'11" guy can manage to shoot just 43% from the field.