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NBA Draft 2011: Unmitigated Chaos Masquerading as Notes!

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Having fun yet, Bucks fans?

There is a TON of information flying around the NBA right now, and nobody really knows what's real, what might be real, and what is a total "smokescreen," as is popular to say these days. So we're just gonna bring a whole lot of information your way and let you sort it out! Here's what's happening around the league as of this afternoon:

2011 NBA draft: Chad Ford's NBA Mock Draft 7.0 - ESPN
Chad Ford's latest mock draft is ESPN Insider-only, but here's his take on Milwaukee's pick (Klay Thompson):

The Bucks are listening to a number of offers for this pick. They could move down or totally out of the draft. If they keep the pick, I think it likely comes down to Thompson and Alec Burks. They play the same position but have different strengths. Thompson is a shooter; Burks is a slasher.

Since the Bucks are telling me pretty strongly that they're holding on to Brandon Jennings as their point guard, and since the team is making a strong drive to get back to the playoffs, I think Thompson is a better fit.

HoopSpeak’s 2011 Mock Draft: perfectly predicting the future "
Sebastian Pruiti and Brett Keromenos put together a mock draft at, and Sebastian selected Klay Thompson for the Bucks at 10. His rationale:

"If it wasn’t obvious from watching them last year, the Bucks desperately need a shooter. Even with guys like John Salmons and Carlos Delfino on their roster, Milwaukee was far too inconsistent from deep. I love shooters and I think Klay Thompson has the purest stroke in the draft. His fit is nearly perfect. Whether it’s spacing on an Andrew Bogut post-up or as a floor-spacer on a Bogut-Jennings pick and roll, he meshes with this roster better than anyone else available. – SP"

ESPN: Bucks listening to offers for No. 10 pick, Corey Magette - ESPN
ESPN is obviously really plugged in to the NBA Draft chatter, because they dug up this little nugget:

The Bucks also would not be opposed to including Corey Maggette in a trade. However, Milwaukee, is looking to upgrade its team, a team source said, and not merely dump salary.


Chat: Chat with John Hollinger - SportsNation - ESPN
John Hollinger chatted NBA Draft on ESPN this afternoon. Yours truly asked him whether drafting Klay Thompson would be an overreaction to a team-wide shooting slump last year. His response:

Even more, I think it's the wrong prescription. Milwaukee's problem was creating shots, not making open ones. Draft Day Chat
Bucksketball held a pre-draft chat session this afternoon. Check out the replay here to get caught up on all the biggest rumors and see what other fans are thinking.

WSJ: Bucks top draft need is as top-notch shooter
Like many, Tom Oates hopes the Bucks get a shooter:

They don’t need a big-man project. They don’t need a wing player who can get to the rim. They don’t even need a defender. They need someone who can shoot the ball from the outside.

Frank's take: I find it baffling that so many people seem to think a shooter is a much greater need than someone who can create shots and get to the rim. Reminder: the Bucks were dead last by a mile in finishing last year. And just because the Bucks weren't able to find an effective slasher last year with Maggette and Douglas-Roberts, does that mean the Bucks should suddenly give up trying?

Woelfel: Milwaukee has plethora of options
Gery Woelfel says it will likely come down to Burks, the Thompson twins, Marcus Morris, and Kawhi Leonard.

JS: Five players to watch at No. 10
Charles Gardner tabs Burks, Klay Thompson, Marcus Morris, Valanciunas, and Tristan Thompson as the most likely picks at ten.

The Hoops Report | Source: Bismack Biyombo Has Medical Red Flag; More NBA Draft Chatter: Iguodala Unlikely to be Traded
Ryan Feldman writes that new concerns about Bismack Biyombo's back could dissuade some teams from selecting the Congolese big man, but that it's still likely he goes to either the Pistons or Bobcats. Doesn't sound like much of a red flag.

Biyombo's medical report was handed out to every single NBA team by his agent. At least one team's medical staff decided there was an issue with his back that they deemed a red flag. The source said some teams may have decided it wasn't that much of an issue, but some teams have decided it is an issue.

Imig: Bucks determined to add scoring in draft
Paul Imig writes that the Bucks will likely be adding a scorer at number ten.

Bucksketball: So who is Jonas Valanciunas?
Valanciunas is considered one of the top big man prospects in this draft, but his contract buyout has hit a snag and has hurt his stock. Milwaukee could be looking at Jonas if he's available, so check out this breakdown to get up to speed. Speaking of...

Ford: Bucks interested in Valanciunas

I don't think the Bucks or Warriors are inclined to do the Spurs trade, as George Hill doesn't hold a huge appeal to either team. The Rockets trade may hold some interest, but not until certain players are off the board. Both the Bucks and Warriors have interest in Valanciunas if he falls and both players are also fans of Thompson. Paschketball Video: Preparing for the Pick

Where 55 Happen | What the heck are the Bucks gonna do in the 2011 NBA Draft?
I offer my personal take on the Bucks' complicated draft situation, then cross my fingers until they break. Brooks, Harris, Singleton, Leuer and Selby in town
In case you missed it, this was the Bucks' last workout report.

"When you talk about fluid, one of the things that we’re trying to determine right now in the last week or so – the draft is two days away – and one of the things happening is we’re not sure what’s going to happen above us. The first six players in the draft seem to be set and after that, from seven on down to 10, there could be some surprises in the draft that could impact us in a very good way. Right now, we’re doing all of our homework on player backgrounds and their skill sets and we’ll be ready to roll with whatever happens."