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Carl Landry likes the idea of coming home to Milwaukee, Keyon Dooling knows he could be on way out

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Journal and Courier: Landry mentions Bucks and Pacers as possible destinations
Milwaukee native and unrestricted free agent Carl Landry has long been a rumored target of the Bucks, and the feeling is apparently mutual.

"Playing in New Orleans is fine. I'm comfortable there. I'm glad to be there. I feel like I was a productive player in their rotation. I brought something to the table every night. I feel wanted there.

"But I would play in Indiana for the Pacers, and I'm from Milwaukee, so I wouldn't mind going back there. You just never know where I will end up. I'm more than happy to play anywhere as long as I am playing in the NBA."

Would I want to see Landry on the Bucks' roster next year? Absolutely.  Could he finally be the Bucks' long-term solution at power forward? No, probably not. As productive as Landry has been throughout his career, he's been unable to make it as a full-time starter thus far, and among other things has seen his rebounding crater over the past couple seasons. But he would immediately give the Bucks a major boost in two areas where they've struggled mightily: in the post and as a finisher around the cup (76% last year). Landry figured to be a mid-level exception type under the old CBA, but it's anyone's guess how the market will look when the CBA dust settles. Another complicating factor: the Bucks would probably need to move at least one of their power forwards (Ilyasova the most likely option) in order to justify adding Landry just a year after signing Drew Gooden to a long-term deal.  

JS: Dooling could be odd man out
Keyon Dooling is keeping busy these days as a VP of the player's union, but he's also not oblivious to what the Bucks' draft day dealings may mean for his future in Milwaukee. Charles Gardner reports:

"It doesn’t put me in a good position," Dooling said. "The situation isn’t good for me in Milwaukee. Something will happen with the roster. I anticipate more moves will happen."

Over the past two seasons Scott Skiles regularly used both Dooling and Luke Ridnour in the backcourt with Brandon Jennings, and adding a pair of bigger point guards like Shaun Livingston (at 6'7" the tallest pure point in the league) and Beno Udrih (6'3") provides him even more options to mix-and-match ballhandlers in the backcourt. But not even Skiles is likely to prefer having four point guards on the opening roster, and it's not like the Bucks' lineup is without its holes.

That starts with the continued lack of a true center to back up Andrew Bogut, though we've heard that before, right? And then there's the wing positions, which have already gotten a major overhaul. John Salmons and Corey Maggette are gone, with Michael Redd and Chris Douglas-Roberts expected to follow suit. Carlos Delfino remains the default option at the starting small forward spot while Stephen Jackson slots into Salmons' starting spot at off guard, but otherwise Skiles would have to play two point guards for long stretches, especially if either of Jackson/Delfino gets hurt. Luc Mbah a Moute will hopefully be back, but he won't play any at the two and will likely split time between the forward positions as usual. And while the Bucks seem to think Tobias Harris will eventually be a small forward in the NBA, it's anybody's guess as to whether he'll be able to earn minutes anytime soon.   

That leaves the expiring, modest contracts of Dooling and Ersan Ilyasova as the Bucks' most attractive/available assets in any effort to rebalance the roster, a fact that doesn't seem lost on Keyon either. It's unlikely either guy fetches much in a trade--the Bucks reportedly shopped Ilyasova leading up to the draft without success--but both guys would be useful and cheap additions to any team looking for depth at their positions.

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RealGM: NBA Announces 11/12 D League Affiliations
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