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Video: Brandon Jennings throws the himself

Two days ago we were all talking about Brandon Jennings working on his fundamentals, so it's nice to see him showing off his more conservative, fundamentals-based approach at the Melo Center in Baltimore last night.

OK, maybe not. But while we're having fun, a couple more observations:

  • Can we at least argue that Jennings passing to himself off the backboard is the first step in becoming a pass-first point guard?  
  • The two chubby dudes in wife-beaters walking around on the court after the dunk are probably the best part. Can we get these guys to haphazardly amble around the court at the Bradley Center next year?  Nothing bad ever came from random dudes wandering on the court, right?
  • Good to see Brandon's representing Milwaukee with his Bucks shorts [pounds chest and points]
  • Josh Selby apparently scored 48 against Jennings in this game, so...yeah. I haven't seen anything in terms of Jennings' point total, but recall that Selby was a second round pick who struggled at Kansas last year after a highly-touted prep career.
  • Jennings had 47 in a Goodman League (DC) game on Saturday. I don't know what this means, but it was probably fun to watch.