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Stephen Jackson stays out of trouble, David Stern spars with Bill Simmons

News OK: Perkins arrested outside night club
Stephen Jackson, Rajon Rondo, Kevin Durant and James Harden were among the NBA players helping out at Kendrick Perkins' basketball camp in Texas last week, which should have been a nice, uneventful week giving back to the local community. Instead, the Thunder big man was reportedly 
taken to the hospital on Thursday after a seizure at Jackson's nearby home in Port Arthur. That sounds like a good reason to take it easy the rest of the weekend, but instead Perkins followed it up on Friday with an arrest for public intoxication and disorderly conduct at an area nightclub. Contrary to initial reports, Jackson was not arrested, nor is it clear if he was even there. Does that qualify as good news from a Bucks' perspective? Small victories, yay.

ESPN Boston: Jackson, Rondo waiting until October to make international decisions
Before Perkins' shenanigans, Jackson told reporters at the camp he would wait until the NBA season was officially delayed before making any decisions about playing abroad.

"I don't have money problems. I'm good," Jackson said. "I will go to play overseas just to stay in shape, so when we do start, I'm ahead of guys, not behind. I'm going to wait until the season is officially not going to start before I make any decision." 

ESPN: Bill Simmons vs. David Stern
If you're not totally turned off by the lockout talk, be sure to check out Bill Simmons' lively hour-long discussion with David Stern from this past Friday. Stern is maintaining a degree of optimism that something can be done to avoid missing games in the fall, though perhaps the biggest surprise was his admission that both players and owners would be willing to consider contraction as part of a long-term solution to the NBA's money-making challenges. Still, Stern is also quick to note that none of the NBA's owners are interested in seeing their teams folded at this point, and it stands to reason that the union doesn't want to eliminate a couple rosters worth of jobs if they don't have to. So it's probably not something we'll see in the short term, but stranger things have happened. 

Also of note: Stern suggested that the sides no longer disagree on the NBA's accounting methods, though the bigger debate about sharing certain expenses (interest and depreciation) and how to divvy up basketball-related income remains a fundamental sticking point between the two sides (see our earlier podcast). Stern also maintained that big market owners remain committed to a more robust revenue sharing system, though the league's fundamental business model would have to be fixed first. Nothing earth shattering there. All in all, I suppose I feel slightly better about the chances of seeing NBA basketball this fall after listening to this, but it also seems like it might be a couple months before we see either side willing to move from their entrenched positions.

Hardwood ParoxysmLong Live Flair, Long Live Brandon Jennings
We can debate whether it will make him a better NBA player, but Matt Moore Noam Schiller is enjoying the summer of Brandon all the same.

Hoopsworld: Larry Sanders Expanding His Game
Alex Kennedy reports that Florida native Larry Sanders is back in the Sunshine State working out at the IMG Academy. 

Ball Don't Lie: Out-of-work NBA players back in college
With a lack of insurance preventing him from representing Cameroon in Olympic qualifying, Luc Mbah a Moute is among the NBA stars hitting the books at UCLA this summer.

Imig: Leuer will ride out lockout in Germany
Paul Imig talks to Bucks' second rounder Jon Leuer about his recent signing with German club Fraport Skyliners.

Miami Herald: Redd an option in Miami?
Barry Jackson writes that Michael Redd could be a free agency target for the Heat--along with every other over-the-hill former star. Gery Woelfel is similarly expecting Redd to end up with a contender.

SI: Top 100 NBA Players, Nos. 31-40
Not surprisingly, Andrew Bogut is the highest-ranking Buck in Zach Lowe's excellent top 100, with Jackson (75) the only other Buck to crack the top 100. Meanwhile, over at CBS our bud Matt Moore has Jennings at #66 in his top 100

The Basketball JonesBackcourt players on the verge
Can you guess which Buck made the list?  Hint: it's not Keyon Dooling.

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