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Brew Hoop Podcast #5: How Long Will The Lockout Last?

On July 19th, we posted a story on the release of the 2011/12 NBA schedule that included a fan poll on the number of games our readers expected to actually occur in the upcoming season. In this episode Frank and I revisit that fan poll to discuss the results and to give our own opinions on how many games we expect to see in the 2011/12 season. Are there reasons to be optimistic at this point, or is it all doom and gloom?

Here are the results of the original July 19th poll:


How many games do you expect NBA teams will play in 2011/12?
82. Call me an optimist, but there's just too much at stake for the sides to NOT come to an agreement.
34 votes
65 - 81. The sides will play stick to their guns until games start being lost, then everyone will come to their senses.
19 votes
50 - 64. We'll see something more like 98/99, where the sides play hardball for a while before salvaging a season in the nick of time.
32 votes
1 - 50. It could get really ugly, but they'll figure *something* out.
44 votes
0. The two sides have too much money and pride at stake to find common ground, and it will get ugly. If you haven't picked a hockey team to follow, now would be a good time to start...
39 votes

168 votes

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