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Jon Leuer heading to Germany, Brandon Jennings' Under Armour internship

Twitter: Jon Leuer heading to Germany?
ESPN Madison's Jim Rutledge tweeted on Thursday that Bucks' second round pick Jon Leuer is heading to Germany--at least until the lockout is over. Leuer hasn't commented via his Twitter yet, nor has anyone suggested which team might be securing his services, but Rutledge noted the deal would have an NBA out. That's important because draft picks like Leuer aren't obligated to come to the NBA when the lockout ends--just ask Rashard Griffith, the last Wisconsin big man to be drafted by the Bucks. In the meantime, Leuer would get the chance to make some money and work on his game. Can't argue with that.

Update: Marc Stein has word from Leuer's agent Mark Bartelstein that the deal is with Skyliners Frankfurt

Yahoo: Brandon Jennings, summer intern
Another week, another story about Brandon Jennings' summer adventures. But in this case it's more than the usual "I'm trying to get better at everything" piece. While we've seen the dunks and read about the fundamentals, Marc Spears' latest offers further evidence that Jennings isn't your typical NBA baller. With the Bucks' practice facilities off limits during the lockout, Under Armour is putting his creative eye to work in their Baltimore offices, though they're also leaving him plenty of time to play in pro-ams and work out with former Duke star Jay Williams and trainer Nate Costa. Speaking of which, might Jennings be bulking up from his listed 169 pounds?  

Costa said Jennings' strength was "pretty low" when he first arrived in Baltimore. In a month, he's gone from being able to lift a 60-pound dumbbell four times to a 75-pounder 12 times. Costa also said Jennings has improved his vertical leap and is engaged in martial arts and boxing training.

"It's a totally different training that I have done before," Jennings said. "I've gotten stronger. I've put on a little bit more weight. I'm probably like 180 pounds now, which is really good."

Will this mean anything on the court? Maybe. Hopefully. Sure. Happy thoughts!  

News Observer: Jennings scores 32 in NC Pro-Am debut
As confirmed by the visual evidence above, Jennings joined incoming Duke super frosh Austin Rivers for some fun in the North Caroina Pro-Am league yesterday. The Jennings/Rivers team somehow lost to Seth Curry's squad 90-83, but at least we got some defense-optional highlights out of it.    

Blazers Edge: Patty Mills still deciding on Anadolu Efes offer
Contrary to some reports out of Turkey, Blazers guard Patty Mills says he has not yet put pen to paper on a deal with Turkish club Anadolu Efes, which by my math means Keyon Dooling could yet end up in Istanbul. Efes officially announced the signing of Ersan Ilyasova on Wednesday, but Mills is evidently still weighing his options. Dooling was reportedly close to signing with Efes over a week ago, but it's unlikely the club could afford to add both Mills and Dooling.

Bucks.comEnergee! Auditions
Brewers All-Star outfielder Ryan Braun was a guest judge for Wednesday's round of auditions for the Bucks' dance team, Energee. Tough life.

We're Bucked: Former Bucks' president president Ray Patterson dies at 89
K.L. Chouinard looks back at the man who helped build the Bucks' title team.