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The Brew Hoop Podcast is here: NBA lockout legalese explained

The link titled "Lockout Legalese Podcast" is our very first test piece for a developing Podcast series on Brew Hoop. Please give it a listen and make sure the format works, because next time it is probably going to be a real Podcast touching on anything and everything that is on our minds. Comments are appreciated, so don't be shy! It might take a few of these to catch our stride, and we want to entertain you, so please provide any feedback that you feel would help us produce a higher-quality product. In this Podcast I address the details surrounding the recent court filing by the NBA. I am flying solo on this one as we try to get this podcast thing off the ground, but you can expect that others on staff will be involved in nearly all of our future podcasts.

Our goals (in no particular order) are: to have fun, to provide semi-entertaining banter on subjects that might not otherwise be published as stories or might be only tangentially related to the Bucks, and to engage all of you in a new and hopefully interesting way.

Now hit the jump and get the first podcast so you can provide feedback!

Or: download this episode (right click and save)

*Note: The instrumental song used in the background is called "My Nightmare," produced by The Beat Hero, available at, and downloaded pursuant to a non-exclusive usage license. [Frank says: Can you tell Steve went to law school?]