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Brew Hoop Podcast # 2: Why Care About BRI?

I'm back for more, and this time I brought Frank along with me to discuss the issue of Basketball Related Income (BRI) and its relative significance in the ongoing CBA negotiations. With each new podcast we are (hopefully) making incremental improvement in quality, and we plan on rolling out several topics per week at this point, so make sure to check the site for new discussions throughout the week.  Our podcasts are also accessible on your smart phone and iTunes.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions for topics of discussion? Potential dynamite name for the Podcast? Please feel free to post a comment on this thread or to send us an e-mail at 

Audio is after the jump.


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*Note: The instrumental song used in the background is called "My Nightmare," produced by The Beat Hero, available at, and downloaded pursuant to a non-exclusive usage license.