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Brew Hoop Podcast # 10: Tobias Harris Scouting Report

Are you becoming numb to PR-laced lockout stories and rec league highlights? [Nods head slowly] Do you yearn for some good old-fashioned NBA talk? [Makes sky point gesture] Are you curious to learn more about the talents of recent Bucks draft picks Tobias Harris and Jon Leuer? [Nods head vigorously and falls off swivel chair]. Well, if so, then I can confidently say that Brew Hoop has something special for you. We are proud to present the First Annual Todd Day Memorial Bucks Draft Pick Forecast (note: this will make more sense after you listen to the audio)!

In this episode, Frank Madden, Dan Sinclair, and Steve von Horn offer a long form scouting report on Milwaukee Bucks first-round draft pick Tobias Harris. In Podcast # 9, we covered the well-documented training habits and maturity of Harris--and how these traits may have affected his draft workout results and helped to determine his ultimate landing place with the Bucks, while also referencing the pro-style workouts he's been doing since high school. What are the most important issues we have identified for his transition to the NBA, and how do we see him contributing to the Bucks in the near future? All this and more beyond the jump...

Here are the issues we cover in our scouting report on Tobias Harris:

  • Despite being the youngest player in the draft, Harris' impressive maturity manifests itself in versatility and craftiness on the court. We flesh this out in greater detail and speculate on how he might be able to contribute to the Bucks in the upcoming year and the long-term as well.
  • What position will Harris play in the NBA? Is he a small forward, a power forward, or a hybrid tweener? We discuss how he was used at Tennessee and how his skills and physical attributes might be maximized at the pro level.
  • To which NBA players can we make reasonable comparisons and projections regarding Harris' future style and production?
  • How we feel about the pick of Tobias Harris at 19th overall. Was it a good gamble for a team like the Bucks to take a younger player such as Harris, or should they have pursued an older prospect that fit a need, like Marshon Brooks?
  • Are Bucks fans still allowed to hold on to dreams of Alec Burks (or Klay Thompson) and complain later about the foregone opportunity to draft him if he becomes an all-star? Alternatively, what if those photos of Jimmer wearing a Bucks hat on draft night come back to haunt Bucks fans...
  • Random references to Lee Mayberry and Todd Day? Absolutely.

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