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Brew Hoop Podcast # 11: Jon Leuer Scouting Report

Are you becoming numb to PR-laced lockout stories and rec league highlights? [Nods head slowly] Do you yearn for some good old-fashioned NBA talk? [Makes sky point gesture] Are you curious to learn more about the talents of recent Bucks draft picks Tobias Harris and Jon Leuer? [Nods head vigorously and falls off swivel chair]. Well, if so, then I can confidently say that Brew Hoop has something special for you. We are proud to present the First Annual Todd Day Memorial Bucks Draft Pick Forecast!

In this episode, Frank Madden, Dan Sinclair, and Steve von Horn offer a long form scouting report on Milwaukee Bucks second-round draft pick Jon Leuer. In Podcast # 10, we analyzed the most salient questions associated with first-round Tobias Harris. Now we bring the same in-depth coverage on former University of Wisconsin star, and 40th overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft, Jon Leuer. Will his skills translate to the NBA game? How will his role develop with the Bucks? Take a look and take a listen to get our thoughts on these subjects and much more.

We specifically cover the following topics in detail:

  • Can Jon Leuer have more success at the NBA level than recent Badger products like Brian Butch and Greg Stiemsma? Bo Ryan's swing offense and man-to-man defense provide a strong foundation for good fundamental play, so we explore how college coaching has prepared him to be a solid role player in the NBA. Furthermore, we cover why people should look beyond the slow pace of Badger basketball and B1G basketball in general.
  • Does the fact that Leuer is a four-year college player mean he simply wasn't good enough to go to the NBA on his own terms, or is there still hope that he can continue to improve his game?
  • Is Jon Leuer deceptively athletic? Short anwer: yes.

  • What position will he play in the NBA? Can he hold his own as a stretch-PF coming off the bench? In the video above, Jon compares himself to Ryan Anderson, but we take time to try and distinguish him from a stretch-PF more familiar to Bucks fans, Ersan Ilyasova. If the fellow former second-rounder wants out, can Leuer step in and fill his shoes?
  • Leuer has not yet signed a contract with the Bucks, and is currently playing overseas in Germany for the Skyliners Frankfurt, but the Bucks own his NBA rights. When will his first real opportunity with the Bucks arise and how can he break through the PF logjam? If you want an update on how Leuer is playing overseas, he posted 14 points and 4 rebounds in a recent exhibition game and had 18 and 25-point performances in other exhibitions.
  • Does drafting a former Badger do anything to grow the fan base?

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