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Carlos Delfino and Ersan Ilyasova competing in FIBA action

Yahoo: Carlos Delfino says no to Virtus Bologna
Before making the leap to the NBA in 2004, Carlos Delfino spent four seasons making a name for himself in Italy, picking up Italian citizenship in the process. But while that would make it only natural for Delfino to return to Italy during the lockout, reports from the Italian press this week say Carlitos isn't ready to head back just yet, turning down overtures from Italian power Virtus Bologna, arch-rivals of his former team Skipper Bologna (now known as Fortitudo Bologna).

That's not to say Delfino is ruling out a move abroad either, but for now he's got other things on his mind, like helping Argentina steamroll through the FIBA Americas Olympic qualifying tournament.   

Eurobasket: Ersan Ilyasova and Turkey surprise Spain
Turkey (3-2) bounced back from a disappointing 84-83 loss to Poland on Sunday by subduing tournament favorites Spain 65-57 on Monday, placing them third in Group A behind Spain and the host Lithuanian squad.

As for Ersan, he followed up a 14-point outing against the Poles with six points and 11 boards against the Gasol Brothers and Serge Ibaka, and for the tournament he's now averaging 10.0 ppg and 5.6 rpg on .452/.455/1.00 shooting.

Boston Globe: Bucks’ Brandon Jennings works on his game and image
When he hasn't been saying harmlessly controversial things about LeBron's hairline and Kobe's birthright, Brandon Jennings has been saying all the usual things about Stephen Jackson, the Bucks' potential next year and his future in Milwaukee. 

"I know they always say don’t get comfortable where you’re at, but I’m kind of comfortable in Milwaukee,’’ he said. "I like it. I like the environment. That’s where I want to be.

"Hopefully things work out to where I can be there for a long time. I don’t plan on going to a big market and just leaving Milwaukee. As long as you are winning, they will come.’’

NY Times: Stephen Jackson among 40 NBA players in Vegas league
NBA trainer extraordinaire Joe Abunassar is going ahead with plans to run an NBA players-only league at his Impact Basketball facility in Vegas, with rumors that they'll have box scores (!), standings (wha?) and defense (!!!). The league is expected to attract around 40 NBA players and games will likely be streamed on Youtube, with John Wall and Chauncey Billups among the headliners. So far Stephen Jackson is the only Buck expected to participate, though Howard Beck of the NYT suggests the league's organizers are also making a play for Jennings.

Bucksketball: Best of a Bad Situation - Todd Day
Jeremy and the gang are counting down the 20 best Bucks of the last twenty years, and I can't think of a more damning statement about the past two decades of Bucks basketball than the fact that Todd Day was named as one of the period's 20 best Bucks.

Sheridan: NBA and NBPA are closer than you think
Chris Sheridan claims it's not as bad as you think...and we certainly hope he's right. Next up: the two sides meet again on Wednesday.

Order Of The Court: Court Artistry
Ben Steele looks back at Don Nelson's great Bucks teams of the '80s...and the unique floor they played on.

Ball Don't LieGreek basketball fans love Corey Maggette for some reason
Corey Maggette is the David Hasselhoff of Greek basketball.