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Mavericks 102, Bucks 76: Video, Stats, Recaps, Reaction

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Dallas Mavericks 102, Milwaukee Bucks 76
Notes, video, reaction and analysis of Friday night's loss in Dallas.

Box Scores: Basic / HoopData / Basketball-Reference / Popcorn Machine Gameflow

Recaps: Brew Hoop / Bucksketball / We're Bucked / JS Online / FS Wisconsin / Mavs Moneyball / The Two Man Game

Quotes: Gameday (not updated as of publishing time)

  • The Bucks really lost the game in the first half, when they dug themselves into an efficiency hole 33.5 points deep, but there was no question the second half was uglier to watch. The only thing that kept the margin mildly respectable was the extended playing time given to Dallas' scrubs. Still, the Bucks had a 68.0 offensive rating in the second half, as rookies and backups stumbled around the court in what could most accurately be described as basketball stupor.
  • Larry Sanders became the 6th player this season to foul out in 18 minutes or less.
  • If you'll bear with the math of an on-the-record Jennings sympathizer, consider that Bucks not named Brandon Jennings or Shaun Livingston shot a combined 16-58. Ignoring all the compounding factors (admittedly contrived), the Bucks' current AST% means there were only about 10 assists to go around. In other words, last night was a point guard wasteland.