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Video And Poll: Jon Leuer, Andrew Bogut, Drew Gooden Feature In Top Plays

Last time we asked, Jon Leuer's three-point play on a drive-and-dish from Brandon Jennings against the Timberwolves was the most popular pick, beating a baseline-spin-and-dunk by Andrew Bogut. This time, Jennings is still passing and Leuer and Bogut are still finishing, though we also have surprise appearances by Larry Sanders and Drew Gooden. And while Carlos Delfino is not featured in any of these top plays, he is on the court for all of them. Continue for highlights and voting...

Larry Sanders follows the play and finishes with a two-handed dunk in 109-93 loss to the Suns.

Brandon Jennings hooks up with Andrew Bogut for a power slam in 106-103 win over the Spurs.

Brandon Jennings zips a pass inside to Stephen Jackson, who finds Jon Leuer for a game-seeling dunk in a 102-93 win against the Pistons.

Tobias Harris perfectly places a lob to Drew Gooden for a one-handed slam in a 105-95 loss to the Nuggets.