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Brandon Jennings Fruitful In The Garden

  • Jennings scored 36 points without making or even attempting a single free throw. That marks the 18th game since 1985 in which a player has scored 36+ points without attempting a free throw, and the first time since Jason Richardson went for 38 in 2008. Hakeem Olajuwon holds the record since '85 for most points without getting to the line, when he dropped 48 in a loss to the Nuggets in 1997.
  • As noted in our game story, Jennings made at least 50 % of his field goals for the eighth time in 14 games, equaling the number of times he shot 50 % from the field in 66 games last season.
  • Jennings was the driving force behind Carmelo Anthony picking up a second technical and thus getting ejected. Anthony was also ejected last season in the game against the Bucks when Larry Sanders blocked eight shots.
  • Jennings now ranks 37th in the NBA with a 20.52 PER, putting him just ahead of Dwyane Wade (20.26). In his first two seasons, Jennings finished with PERs of 14.5 and 15.6.
  • Jennings dunked three times against the Knicks -- all of them two-handed breakaways. According to the Dunk-o-Meter, he now has four dunks this season. That places him one behind Derrick Rose (5) and one ahead of Tim Duncan (3). Bucks ranking ahead of or tied with Jennings on the Dunk-o-Meter: Andrew Bogut (8), Jon Leuer (7), Drew Gooden (6), Shaun Livingston (6), Larry Sanders (6), Tobias Harris (4).
  • In eight career games against the Knicks, Jennings is averaging 20.1 points on 44.9 FG % along with 5.0 rebounds and 5.5 assists.
  • Jennings was the game-high scorer with 36 points against the Knicks, marking the fifth game this season he has been game's leading scorer (including both the Bucks and opponent). Stephen Jackson's 34 points against the Spurs was the only other instance in which a Buck was the leading scorer of a game. Eight opponents have been game-leading scorers (Love 31, Crawford 24, Gallinari 21, Jefferson 26, Griffin 22, Gortat 18, Monroe 32, Holiday 24).
  • After shooting 3-4 from the field for 8 points in the fourth quarter against the Knicks, Jennings is now averaging 7.6 points per fourth quarter on 50.0 FG% this season.